Next door to an adult video store in Preston, Mo. is a home which has signs strewn all over the front lawn along the highway which this person's property fronts.

Next door to an adult video store in Preston, Mo. is a home which has signs strewn all over the front lawn along the highway which this person's property fronts. A few of the signs are protesting the pornography being sold next door, but the majority of the protest signs focus on Obama. Some of the signs read, "Obama is destroying America, Obama is a dictator, Obama is a communist, Obama hates America, Obama isn't American check his birth certificate, Osama Obama and Obama is a terrorist, impeach Obama before he destroys the American Constitution!" These are but just a few of the nearly 30 signs he displays in front of his home.

 I really don't understand this extreme form of public protest. I was never a big fan of Ronald Reagan or George W. Bush but I was never compelled to show my disapproval on thirty signs in my front yard. While President Reagan and President Bush did many things which I absolutely disagreed with, I never once believed they were traitors, didn't love their country or thought they were wilfully attempting to destroy the country or the constitution.

 I began to think about this gentleman's utter hatred of the president and about the hatred I've seen or heard from other like-minded folks. I began to wonder if there was any proof or validity to the claims of these folks about our president. Did they have some special insight into the real goings on in Washington or some information about Obama everyone else had missed or perhaps overlooked?

 So I have decided to review President Obama's mission for the country since taking office and see if I can uncover just how he might truly be trying to harm the people and destroy the country. He set out to make sure that anyone with a pre-existing medical condition could now get medical insurance coverage. Obama designed a system whereby 98 percent of Americans could now have health insurance. His insurance program did away with coverage caps and unfair limits on coverage. His insurance program includes preventative medicine to treat conditions early and detect disease before they cause catastrophic illness. How diabolical of him to create the Affordable Healthcare Act!

 Obama has called for raising the federal minimum wage to $10.40 per hour for the working class of America. He has proposed that every person wishing to go to college have the chance to attend without staggering debt after graduation. He got us out of Iraq and brought home all our combat troops. The president bailed out the failing American auto industry, saving more than a million jobs and those loans have been repaid with interest. He is ending America's longest war on record in Afghanistan and bringing home our combat troops. He has strengthened our borders with Mexico and stemmed the number of illegal border crossings. Obama has called for equal pay for equal work for the women of America. The man stood up to the political blackmail of the Tea Party backed by the Republicans when they shut the government down after he refused to give into their demands of weakening the Affordable Healthcare Act. The president reacted swiftly with the full force of the federal government during the hurricanes which devastated this nation, even winning accolades and praise from Republican governors like Chris Christie of New Jersey. Through diplomacy first as opposed to another war, for the first time in over a decade we have successfully stopped Iran's active development of a nuclear bomb. President Obama is still actively calling for the closing of the detention facility at Gitmo in Cuba. This prison being the symbol of America's shame where we physically / mentally tortured prisoners. 

I say President Obama is no traitor but the absolute opposite, a true patriot. He is not attempting to destroy America but has shown he is actively trying to make this a better country for all her people. Just like every president before, he doesn't hate this country but in fact loves his country very much.

He is the opposite of a dictator since many of his social visions have yet to come to fruition because the Republican congress has blocked his efforts. If you do not consider Hawaii part of the United States then yes I guess he is not a true American citizen. Obama is not a perfect president, but he certainly doesn't warrant untrue accusations and questions aimed at his love for America.