Camdenton, Mo. – There's always a little bit of intensity to the Camdenton-Glendale basketball teams, as both teams can trace some of their roots back to Jack Roberts, former coach to both teams.

Roberts is the man credited with founding Laker Pride in Camdenton, helping to transition the Camdenton Tigers into the purple and gold Lakers.

After his eight seasons at Camdenton, Roberts moved on, eventually taking over the coaching position of the newly formed Glendale Falcons basketball team.

There's plenty of history between the two teams, and Tuesday night's game is just another page in that book.

For Camdenton, it will be a page they'd rather not think about very often.

After four quarters between two evenly-matched squads, the Lakers were the ones walking to the locker room with heads hanging after a 61-53 loss.

An eight-point margin was all that decided the game, but the game itself was much closer before the final minutes of the game.

Camdenton's start was not typical of the team, as the Lakers found themselves trailing 6-0 after two minutes of play, and while Jake Decker's free throw finally put the team on the board, a 6-1 score quickly became 8-1.

Kullen Carlock's three finally gave a spark to the offense on the next play, but Glendale was quick to fan out the flames, turning an 8-4 lead into a 14-4 lead before the Lakers found the net again.

Camdenton still managed to rally once again on the shoulder of Carlock, who drove in for a short jump shot over three defenders. Tristan Starkey also got in the mix, driving to the net to put up a shot that rolled off of his fingertips to fall in, taking the blocking foul with the bucket to pull Camdenton back in to trail 16-9 before Carlock sank a short jumper from the baseline to end the quarter with a score of 16-11.

Unfortunately for the Lakers, this back-and-forth trend would be the pace of the game, as Glendale constantly found a way to keep pushing the Lakers back, leading by as much as 10 or as few 5  in the second quarter.

The Falcons managed to maintain a lead throughout the second quarter of play and headed into the half with a 29-20 lead.

The third quarter proved to be the same story, as Glendale scored 18 while holding Camdenton to 14 for a score of 47-34, but the fourth quarter is where things finally began to shake up.

The Lakers opened up the final quarter by scoring three baskets back-to-back before the Falcons could answer, the last Laker score coming from Zach Brown from the three-point line.

Brown repeated the shot seconds later to the same effect, followed by Tristan Starkey's steal for a layup and Camdenton had taken a 47-34 score and turned it into a 3-point game, trailing 49-46.

In the first half, the Lakers had done a decent job of staying out of foul trouble, but in the second half, both teams found themselves watching the fouls add up.

With just a couple of minutes left on the clock, the Lakers put two Glendale shooters on the line, and a 3-point game became a 7-point game.

From that point on, the Lakers were left to foul to stop the clock and get the ball back, but Glendale's squad proved to be snipers from the free-throw line, leading the Falcons to a 61-53 win.

The Lakers fall to 8-4 (0-2 in the Ozark Conference) on the season, while Glendale moves to 4-6.

Camdenton's next matchup, after a Thursday night matchup against the Versailles Tigers, will be the Joplin Eagles on Friday, Jan. 17 at 6 p.m.