A commercial development on Route TT in Camden County has been given the greenlight — contingent upon the completion of a traffic study and intersection analysis.

A commercial development on Route TT in Camden County has been given the greenlight — contingent upon the completion of a traffic study and intersection analysis. The Camden County Planning Commission also stipulated Jan. 15 in its recommendation in favor of the rezoning and approval of the conditional use permit (CUP) requested by Dan Laubach of Laubach Properties that a more detailed development plan be submitted to the county commission before it makes a decision on the rezoning.

"I think the traffic study is the key to the whole situation," said planning commissioner Jerry Carroll.

While Laubach representative Pat Gardner said he did not see any danger in the access to the entertainment venue as roughly planned, officials with both the county and the Village of Sunrise Beach have expressed concern about the location of the entrance on Route TT across from Putt N Bay Drive, located near the bottom of two hills coming off of curves.

The traffic study and intersection study — which will also be required by the Missouri Department of Transportation — should show if and how to construct the intersection for the safe access.

The potential for a proposed highway to bisect the property in question was largely passed over by the planning commission however. Route 242 has been in the long term master plan for the area to replace Route TT and MM with a better roadway to the Lake of the Ozarks Community Bridge.

With plans and, more importantly, finances for Highway 242 remaining nebulous, the planning commission indicated it was not overly concerned with the issue.

The preferred route currently designated by the Missouri Department of Transportation would cut across the southeast corner of the 16.2 acre property — likely through the entrance and parking lot. Alternative routes still on the books with MoDOT would leave the highway frontage where it is in that location or shift it away to the southeast.

The rezoning of the Laubach property would upgrade the designation of the land from A-1 agriculture to B-2 general commercial. The CUP allows outdoor entertainment in B-2 zoning.

Representatives of Laubach Properties, which also owns Franky & Louie's Beach Front Bar & Grill on the lake to the northwest of the property in question, have said that the intention for the new development is to open a small amphitheater with a bar which will be open only occasionally — a few days at a time for big acts or music festivals during the tourist season for a total of around four weeks from May-September.

According to Gardner during the Jan. 15 meeting, there would be seating for approximately 475 on two levels. It should be noted that the total capacity of the facility was given as around 700 during the Sunrise Beach review.

The intent has changed significantly over the course of the rezoning case.

The original application covered 39 acres owned by Laubach extending back to Franky & Louie's and included plans for a biker bar and grill and expansion of Laubach's Deer Valley Park Campground.

That application was narrowed just before the public hearing by the planning commission in December, causing the county to re-notice the case and continue the public hearing to its Jan. 15 meeting.

The Village of Sunrise Beach also reviewed the case through its planning and zoning due to its Urban Services Boundary Agreement with Camden County. The agreement gives the village a say in zoning cases within a mile and a half of its boundary, requiring the county take the village's official opinion under consideration as well as requiring a supermajority of the county planning commission to pass a motion at odds with the village's stance.

The city limits of Sunrise Beach extend down Route TT far enough for the site to fall within the boundary agreement.

The official opinion of the village concluded, in accordance with county P&Z administration, that the B-2 zoning was compatible with the area.

Surrounding land use includes A-1 to the north and west, B-2 to the south and I-1 industrial to the east.

In the Camden County Master Plan, the Future Development Map identifies the property as Suburban Neighborhood.

Sunrise Beach also stated that the application was otherwise incomplete due to the lack of traffic study, intersection analysis and plans for water and sewer services to the site

Camden County Wastewater Department and Missouri Department of Natural Resources oversees regulations on water and sewer which has become more stringent over the last few years.

With its proximity to the Village of Sunrise Beach, though, Camden County P&Z Administrator Don Hathaway suggested the possibility that the site could be hooked up to Sunrise Beach utilities.

The current utility ordinances for the village require users to be within city limits, so the property would have to seek annexation or a change in the current policy to be able to receive services from Sunrise Beach.

According to Hathaway, the rezoning and CUP are the first step in the long process of development. The rezoning gives approval of the idea, he said, and the rest of the details can be worked out later through the development plan and rest of the process.

Rezoning cases typically appear on the agenda of the county commission about a month after they are heard by the planning commission, but the Laubach case could be tabled to give the developer more time if necessary.

The earliest the county commission would hear the case is Feb. 20.