The trial of an Osage Beach police officer accused of sexual abuse has rescheduled, again.

The trial of an Osage Beach police officer accused of sexual abuse has rescheduled, again.

Richard Calvino, 59, was scheduled for trial beginning on Jan. 14 before Circuit Court Judge Kenneth Hayden in Morgan County. His trial has now been scheduled to get underway on Jan. 27.

Calvino faces felony charges of first degree sexual abuse, sodomy, first degree deviate sexual assault, first degree sexual assault with a victim age 14 or 15, and second degree deviate sexual assault with a victim age 16.

The charges against Calvino stem from allegations that date back from 1984 to 1990. He was originally arrested on the charges in 2011.

The case has bounced from Camden to Morgan County and has been scheduled to go to trial at least four times.

Calvino was arrested and charged in Camden County in 2011. Calvino waived his preliminary hearing in Camden County. The case was later moved to Morgan County on a change of venue at the request of Calvino's defense attorney.

Calvino, an officer with the Osage Beach Police Department, is accused of having sexual contact with an underage girl between 1984 and 1990. The child was between the ages of 11 and 17 when the alleged incidents took place.

In late Jan. 2010, a psychological therapist from Pinellas Park, Fla., contacted the Camden County Sheriff's Office to report allegations of sexual contact between Calvino and the victim. Camden County Sheriff Dwight Franklin handed over the investigation to the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

The therapist reported a clients had undergone hypnosis that caused suppressed memories to surface.

In 2010, the alleged victim had conversations with Calvino by phone, email and in person that investigators recorded and preserved for evidence. A Highway Patrol investigator interviewed Calvino in Jefferson City at the Missouri Highway Patrol Troop F headquarters on Dec. 9, 2010. Calvino denied having any sexual relations with the girl. According to the document, "Calvinoalso stated he was not the type of person to do such a thing."

According to a probable cause statement written by Highway Patrol Sgt. C.W. Wirths, the alleged victim stated that she began seeing the Florida therapist in May 2009. Part of her therapy brought up memories of the victim being "molested by Calvino" between the ages of 11and 18. The victim "stated she had shut these memories out of her mind because of the guilt but as a result of the therapy (the memories) resurfaced."

Calvino pleaded not guilty to the charges when he was arraigned. He later waived his right to a preliminary hearing.

Calvino has continued to work for the Osage Beach Police Department.