New Jersey isn't California and it certainly isn't the entire United States of America. If New Jersey's Governor Chris Christie can't run his little state, how on earth could he ever hope to be a serious candidate for President in 2016?

New Jersey isn't California and it certainly isn't the entire United States of America. If New Jersey's Governor Chris Christie can't run his little state, how on earth could he ever hope to be a serious candidate for President in 2016? He says he is as surprised as the rest of the country to discover his staff intentionally caused the four-day snarl in traffic on the Washington bridge. The problem is he should never have been surprised and he should have been on top of the event at the very moment it occurred. This, "Rogue" action by his Deputy Staff Assistant and his head of Highways/Department of Transportation should have been investigated by Christie and the facts brought to light by his office way before it broke in the news. Instead, Governor Christie wasted valuable time denying the rumors and acting indignant at the suggestions that his staff or office may have caused the four day debacle on the bridge.

 In recent days, the facts surrounding the actions of Christies' staff are revealing a conspiracy by his government to, punish the Democratic Mayor of Lee, New Jersey for his lack of support of the governor's recent campaign to be re-elected to office. The embarrassing, misguided mission was to close down toll booths on the bridge forcing commuters to funnel through only two toll booths, causing gridlock and aggravation. This action was especially hard on the folks living in Lee, New Jersey causing delays in emergency vehicle responses, children to be late for school and other folks to be late for work four days in a row. The plan concocted by Christie’s staff was to close the Washington Bridge under the absurd guise of doing a, "Traffic flow study" of the bridge.

 I say that this latest incident is symptomatic of a much larger problem in today's politics. This is partisan politics run amok and is part of a very unsettling trend by today's politicians who believe their offices serve them and they have no need to fulfill their oath to serve the people they supposedly were elected to represent. Governor Christie said he is responsible for this absolute nonsense and he is absolutely correct regardless of whether he knew about it or not. He is incorrect when he said that mistakes happen and humans make mistakes. This retribution by his state government was no accident and it certainly was no mistake. Intentionally impacting the lives of thousands of folks who make the daily trip across the bridge for spite is in my opinion criminal.

 I personally like Chris Christie and I have been a big fan of his firebrand methods of bucking his party/the political system. It is unfortunate he was betrayed in this fashion by trusted staff members and I tend to believe him when he says he knew nothing about their actions. The problem is we must question his judgement since he hand picked his staff that were ultimately capable of causing so much grief for the folks living in New Jersey. We must question his management of the state when even after questions were raised he did nothing to uncover the truth behind exactly what happened. Most importantly all of us need to take a hard look at his fitness to be a viable candidate for president in 2016 in light of this outrageous incident which occurred right under his nose and without his knowledge.

 Until this country's politicians and political parties decide that they will begin to work together to do the people's business, more incidents like this are likely to occur. I say that partisan politics does not work and the record low approval ratings of congress/government prove that Americans are getting pretty fed up with all of this nonsense. When blatant abuse of the public trust is exemplified as in this recent incident in New Jersey, folks like Christie must be held accountable and punished by all of us at the polls. Ultimately someone must take responsibility in today's world where no one seems to be accountable for anything.