Some people say that having a food addiction is the worst kind.

I love food.  I love eating.  The problem is, I love all of the foods that are bad for me.  I wrote down some foods I would never want to give up.  These foods include:  Cheese Sticks, Cheese, Chocolate, Donuts, Cheetos, Pizza, and Pasta.  I loooove these foods.  However, my weigh in this week, proved that I need to let these foods go. 

I was up 1.5lbs on Monday, weighing in at 305.8.  I was upset. Why? Because I had been working out and I couldn't understand why I didn't lose weight.  Then, I thought back to what I had eaten.  I felt like I ate all day on Sunday and it definitely wasn't good for me.  I've read that losing weight and staying healthy is 20% exercise, 80% about what you eat.  Last week I found this to be true. 

This week I'm really watching what I'm eating and making sure I exercise.  I've weighed myself nearly every day and so far have liked what I'm seeing, but I'll let you know on Monday what that number is.  Until then I will continue to watch what I'm eating and working on improving me.