New Year, New Me. Everyone says it.

I'm about to start my first workout of 2014.  I feel like this year needs to be different.  Last year I was in school, working, being a mom, and at some point just fell into a phase of going through the motions.  This year, I'm done with school, we live in a new house, I know my place at my job, and Corbin is growing up to fast.  This is a year of other changes.

I went to the doctor the other day because I was having chest pains.  I was terrified that I was dying of a heart attack.  The doctor ensured me that I'm not having a heart attack.  I just have terrible acid reflux.  However, I'm still scared to having a heart attack due to my weight.  I NEED to make a change so I'm not living in fear of dying in my sleep or just dropping to the ground. 

My starting weight for 2014 is 303.6.  I weight myself four times this morning which isn't healthy at all, but I wanted to make sure I was reading it right.  I got different numbers twice so I'm going with the last number that I saw.  I'll be weighing myself every Monday, one time only. 

Here is to keeping each other motivated to make 2014 the best year yet!  If you've got Facebook, search out my page Ashley_Get_Fit.  We all need motivation and we can help each other.  Now, to workout!