There were some successes and some sad stories in 2013.

The totals aren't in yet but off the top of my head I would guesstimate that Uffda cared for over200 needy pets in 2013. Just in one case of hoarding alone we took in 46 dogs. Another hoarding incident earlier in the year netted 27 dogs. Rumor has it that there is a third hoarding situation still under the radar; we have dealt with 4 puppies from that case  so far and  we hear there are lots more needing intervention. But that will be a challenge for 2014. There seems to be no end in sight of people's disregard, and, dare I say, contempt for their pets.Why does a person opt to have a dog or cat or multiple animals and ignore their basic needs for food, housing, socialization , veterinary care, and love.It is beyond my understanding.

  Fortunately there have been some happy new beginnings for many of our Uffda critters. Take Spirit for example. He was the dumpster puppy from this past spring who despite enormous odds against his survival, not only flourished but found a wonderful furever home. Then there was Quill, now known as Bella. She was taken in during the seizure of the 46 dogs and was in terrible condition due to extreme malnutrition. She had dozens of infected wounds in her face and mouth from an encounter with a porcupine No one expected her to survive, but thankfully she did and is now living a wonderful life as a pampered family pet. There have been sme happy beginnings for many of our Uffda kitties as well. Just recently 2 adult cats wandering the streets of Cando in this bitterly cold winter  were taken in by kind-hearted folks.Several kittens and adult cats have been successfully rehomed after being vetted.Others are still waiting for the right families to come along.

Thankfully the happy stories do outnumber the sad ones, not by much, but just enough to make us believe in the kindness and caring of most  folks. So let's get on with the New Year and see what happy beginnings we can create in 2014. Happy New Year!