The city of Osage Beach has budgeted several million dollars in what officials term community investment for 2014.

The city of Osage Beach has budgeted several million dollars in what officials term community investment for 2014.

The board of alderman approved second reading of an ordinance last week adopting a $29.4 million budget for 2014. City Administrator Nancy Viselli prepares a budget synopsis for aldermen and city staff each year that highlights accomplishments of the previous year and that outlines what to expect for the coming year.

The 2014 budget calls for a 10.99 percent increase in spending over the 2013 budget of $26.52 million. The proposed 2014 budget is $29,447,229 compared to the 2013 budget of $26,529,298.

The largest increase is proposed in the transportation fund, up about 38.9 percent from 2013. The proposed expenditures in that fund total $4,896,934 compared to $3,523,092 for 2013 — an increase of $1,373,842.

Viselli noted in her budget message that state law allows the use of any unencumbered funds at the beginning of the budget year to be used for proposed expenditures.

In the General Fund, the balance is estimated to be $2.85 million as of Jan. 1. During the year, current income is expected to be $6.86 million, with expenditures budgeted at $7.57 million for an ending balance of $2.14 million.

2014 Community Investment

•Street improvement projects, including engineering, land purchases and streetlights, total $3,148,688. This includes Nichols Road improvements between the Expressway and Osage Beach Parkway including a new entrance for Lake Regional Health Systems.

Also on the docket are improvements to the Zebra Road Connector, Highway 54 sidewalk construction, Ozark Meadows Road improvements, partial funding of the Osage Beach Parkway/Highway 54 extension to Y Road interchange, several Osage Beach Special Road District projects and $290,339 for seal coating, asphalt overlay and striping in several areas.

•The Transportation Department budgeted for purchasing GPS equipment, a 16-foot trailer, a street sweeper broom, new radios, two zero-turn mowers, security cameras and keyless entry at the Public Works building, and shared costs to remodel the cafeteria.

•The Water Department budgeted for the purchase of GPS equipment, metal detectors, new radios, a portable flushing unit and leak detection equipment, security cameras and keyless entry to the Public Works Department, a fencing project and a cable replacement.

•Sewer projects include engineering and land purchases totaling $1,920,568 for the Parkway extension to Y Road, lift station improvements, sewer connections and a Passover Road sewer upgrade. The Sewer Department also budgeted $158,245 for weed eaters, new GPS equipment, new radios and cameras and keyless entry systems to the Public Works Department.

•Lee C. Fine Airport budgeted $742,000 to build new hangars by using grant funds with Osage Beach paying 5 percent of the total. In addition, $53,259 was budgeted for rehabilitating the storage building, buying computer workstations and a new tractor.

•Grand Glaize Airport budged $254,900 to finish an environmental study and buy land using grand funds with the city picking up 10 percent of the total cost. The airport will also see $151,500 for a tree clearing project (again using grand funds) and buying computer workstations.

•The city plans to replace several vehicles including a new dump truck with a plan for Transportation Department, two new F350 pickup trucks in the Sewer Department, one with a crane and the other for a pump truck; and four new 2014 Ford Interceptors in the Police Department.

•Due to last August's flooding at the city park, the Park Department has budgeted $979,467 which includes $30,825 for replacement of concession stand and park equipment and a new ice machine; $43,963 for a new trailer, a new skid steer and a new plow, new trash cans, a cart and boat and trolling motor and repairs to the maintenance shop. Additional funds will be spent for engineering, debris removal, draining of the pond, parking lot cleanup and repaving, repair to the dam and spillway, electrical and field drainage repairs and rehabilitation of the playground and ball fields. Costs will be offset by funds from the city's insurance carrier and FEMA/SEMA financial assistance.

•The city plans to continue its foray into Economic Development with membership in the Lake of the Ozarks Regional Economic Development Council, funding for the 14th annual Fall Festival, funds to buy new holiday lights displays, funding for the white goods recycling program (which is reimbursed with grant funds) and $21,000 for seven, four-week periods of advertising on the electronic billboards at each end of the Grand Glaize Bridge.

2013 highlights

As of Nov. 30:

•The city had issued 649 business licenses; 473 contractor's licenses, 78 liquor licenses and 18 dog licenses.

•The Building Inspection Department issued 67 commercial permits and 60 residential permits representing an investment in the community of $31,858,000.

•The Building Department averaged 81 building inspections per month, and issued 10 demolition permits during the year.

•The Managed Deer Hunt within the city limits, with 43 days remaining as of Dec. 2, resulted in 56 deer harvested on 46 permitted properties totaling more than 1,000 acres of hunting ground. Total number of deer harvested since the program began in Osage Beach is 414.

•Through Dec. 2, 31 feral cats were trapped, 84 wildlife were trapped and eight abandoned dogs were taken.

•The Osage Beach PD installed Automated Vehicle Locating software in all of the patrol cars and both ambulances. This allows the Communications Center to know an officer's location when assistance is needed, and which unit to call into service based on proximity to an incident.