A new entertainment venue is being proposed in the Sunrise Beach area but must get a rezoning and conditional use permit through Camden County Planning & Zoning to go forward.

A new entertainment venue is being proposed in the Sunrise Beach area but must get a rezoning and conditional use permit through Camden County Planning & Zoning to go forward.

The property owned by Dan Laubach through Laubach Properties LLC at the intersection of State Route TT and Putt N Bay Rd. is currently zoned A-1 agricultural.

The property is bounded on the north and west by other A-1 land, to the south by B-2 general commercial and to the south by I-1 industrial.

The county's Future Development Map identifies the property as Suburban Neighborhood.

The initial rezoning application sought to rezone 39 acres at the site to B-2 general commercial. Since the application was made, the acreage has been reduced to 16.2, but not before notices had been posted and sent out to neighboring residents.

Due to the amendment of the application, the planning commission took testimony on the case at the public hearing Wednesday evening but continued the public hearing to its Jan. 15 meeting in order to re-notice the case.

According to the P&Z staff report on the case, the development would include a roadhouse biker bar and grill with occasional outdoor entertainment, boat and trailer storage and the expansion of Deer Valley Park Campground with primitive camping.

An existing building on the property close to Route TT would be expanded to include a covered patio and stage with an elevated deck and tiki bar.

Due to the stated intent to have outdoor music and primitive camping, a CUP was needed in addition to the rezoning.

The property adjoins Laubach's Deer Valley Park Campground and Franky & Louie's Beach Front Bar & Grill on Deer Valley Rd. (formerly Lake Rd. 5-41).

The proposal includes the intent to open a road through the property connecting Franky & Louie's to the new entertainment venue.

With no opposition to the case Dec. 18, the planning commission discussion largely centered around the proposed road.

While the interest in the road for the developer is to connect the businesses, it would also provide a connector street between Deer Valley Rd. off of Hwy. 5 and State Route TT.

For that reason, more right of way and possibly more stringent construction requirements may be required for the road.

With possible sight distance issues at the proposed intersection of the new road and Route TT, the planning commission asked for an intersection study, though the main review will be done by the Missouri Department of Transportation, as well as a traffic study.

The commission could lower Unified Land Use Code requirements for the road as a collector street depending on the results of the traffic study and the potential for Hwy. 242 to eventually take out the smaller proposed road.

A route study of the proposed highway by MoDOT places the roadway through the property. The unfunded new highway has long been talked about to provide a better connection between Hwy. 5 and the Lake of the Ozarks Toll Bridge, which is currently being served by Routes TT and F.

The Sunrise Beach Planning Commission and Board of Trustees will also be reviewing the case due to the Urban Services Boundary Agreement between the village and county.

Under the agreement, the village has a say in county P&Z cases within one and a half miles of the municipal boundary.

The potential for the village to provide the development with water and sewer services will also likely be further discussed. Sunrise Beach requires properties to be within city limits in order to receive service.