1 Cheers to
TCLA and other responsible agencies for making the decision to bid for the 2020 Can-Am Games. With more time to prepare, we feel confident that a second place finish to host the 2018 games will turn into the winning bid.

2 Cheers to
people who are trying to make the season bright by donating time or money to charities.

3 Cheers to
the Mid County Fire Protection District board for, despite having a tough challenge, adopting a balanced 2014 budget.

1 Jeers to
people who criticize schools for not releasing children early on days when snow falls during schools hours. Letting students out in the middle of a snowstorm doesn’t make sense. School officials would never put students in harm’s way and to think that they would is absurd.

2 Jeers to
the miserably cold weather over the weekend that threw a damper on weekend holiday festivities, most notably the Lake Ozark Christmas Parade.