Kaiser, Mo. – The Osage Lady Indians' season has been one of close calls so far, and their Monday night match-up against the Fatima Lady Comets proved no different.

Coming in to the game with a 2-3 record, the Lady Indians had a chance of hitting .500 once again, though they knew it would be a tough match, as Fatima beat St. Elizabeth the week before by four points. Osage fell to St. Elizabeth four days before that match by four points, so this one was bound to be a close one.

After Izzy Morris won the jump, the two teams sparred on the court for a full two minutes before Daisy Ralston sank the first bucket to give Osage a 2-0 lead.

Fatima rallied back to take the lead 4-2, but Osage was set on keeping this game tight, and Morris found the net for two points to tie it up once again. Jordyn Bartlett's two free throws tied the game at 6, and Osage finally retook the lead with a beautiful three from Taylor Davidson to lead 9-6.

Fatima's Morgan Brandt answered the call, though, tying the game up once again, but Monica Cisar was able to score with a 15-foot jumper to giver Osage an 11-10 lead at the end of the first quarter.

Fatima's aggressive press proved to be trouble for the Lady Indians at nearly every turn, but the Osage squad was able to keep the game close throughout the remainder of the first half, trailing 23-21 at halftime.

The second half proved to be an exciting one, as Fatima jumped out to an early 34-23 lead, and continued to hold onto their lead throughout the third quarter. The Lady Indians scored on eight consecutive plays to tie the game at 43 late in the second half, with Bartlett's free throw tying the game.

From that point on, both teams took advantage of the double bonus, thanks to the numerous fouls on both sides of the ball, and the last couple of minutes saw players taking to the free throw line multiple times. In the end, Fatima kept building on their lead with each free throw, while Osage tried to stop the clock.

With seconds ticking down, the Lady Indians managed to pull within six points , but Fatima's Logan Abbott sealed their fate with a free throw.

The Lady Indians had just enough time to drive down the court and put up a shot, but could only watch as Bartlett's buzzer shot floated to the basket before getting stuck between the rim and backboard.
Osage's fourth loss of the season came with a 58-51 loss to the Lady Comets at home.

Izzy Morris led the team with 15 points, followed by Monica Cisar with 11. Taylor Davidson finished the game with two threes and a bucket for eight points, followed by Bartlett with seven.

The JV squad also lost to Fatima with a final score of 44-33, while the freshman squad pulled out a 42-38 win over Fatima.

The ladies return to action on Thursday, Dec. 19 as they host the California Pintos.