Nothing says Christmastime is near like creating a gingerbread house.

Nothing says Christmastime is near like creating a gingerbread house.

First-year culinary students at the Lake Career and Technical Center are getting into the holiday season by baking and decorating their very own gingerbread residences.

The students have been studying the six categories of cookies. Gingerbread happens to be in the rolled cookie category. Students made the dough from scratch, cut out the shapes and baked it. Everything on the house must be edible.

Students have been slaving away on their creations and are preparing to have their masterpieces judged on Tuesday. It is obvious that students have enjoyed this project but all say the same thing — it is harder than it looks!

"It has been fun but hard especially trying to make sure pieces stay up while icing them on," sophomore Ashli Garmany of Camdenton said.

Freshman Alex Kaush agreed.

"We actually had to make everything from scratch and cut out each piece and make them fit. It has been a lot of fun," Kaush said.

Each house has its own theme. Some are realistc while others have fairly-like qualities.

"I made a licorice log cabin that looks as realistic as it could. It looks a lot like my house. That's why I like it," Garmany said.

When the contest is over on Tuesday, the students are encouraged to take their creations home with them. Many plan on showing it off for a few days, then digging in.

The chefs in training have learned the tricks to created a successful gingerbread house. For a complete video of tips, visit