Osage Beach Police offer tips with driving during inclement weather.

The lake area could see its first snow soon and the Osage Beach Police Department wants to remind everyone to take extra precautions during inclement weather.

Here are some items to keep in mind:

Make sure that your vehicle is road worthy:

• Do you have adequate tires, in other words treads not sleds?

• Windshield wipers are in good working order?

• Plenty of fuel?

• Make sure that your radiator has the proper coolant and discard empty containers of

antifreeze as the contents can be poisonous to pets.

• Jumper Cables (Preferably a well charged jump box)?

Pre-heat your vehicle to save on engine wear and tear.

Remember that four wheel drive vehicles may be great in snow but slide on ice.

Add weight to the rear of your pickup trucks and rear wheel drive vehicles.

Carry an enclosed tote in your vehicle containing sand or bags of salt just in case you slide off the road.

Have a can of de-icer on hand for both windows and door locks.

Take your time driving and leave plenty of space between you and the vehicle in front or to the side of you. Remember not to slam on your breaks if you begin to slide.

Extra Items you should pack just in case you break down in a remote area:

• Blankets

• Flashlight (extra batteries)

• Water

• Energy Snack Bars

• Always tell someone your travel route and notify them if it changes

• A cell phone doesn’t do you any good if the battery isn’t charged

• Anything else you think you may need especially when traveling with children

Law enforcement officials also recommend knowing how to change a tire if needed.