For high school students, most of their life is centered around school and extracurricular activities. For Camdenton senior Kullen Carlock, much of his high school life has been spent on the football field.

For high school students, most of their life is centered around school and extracurricular activities. For Camdenton senior Kullen Carlock, much of his high school life has been spent on the football field.

A standout receiver, Carlock led the team in receptions and receiving yards, and left his mark on Camdenton by setting a new school record for most receptions in a single season — 77, to be exact.

"I was on cloud nine," Carlock said of the setting the record.

The Lakers faced Glendale Oct. 25 — senior night — which proved to be the night when Carlock was destined to break the former school record of 67 catches. Even though Carlock said it was not his primary focus, he knew that he had a chance of setting a record. He finished the game with 68.

"Going into the game, I knew I had 11 or so catches to get it," Carlock said. "My main focus shifted to that after we had the game under control."

Carlock is quick to point out that his record was nothing short of a team effort.

"All the lineman said, 'We are going to get you that record, don't worry.' Bo [Dean] said, 'Even if you are not open, I'm still going to throw it to you.' There was a lot of support, I'd say," Carlock recalled. "I couldn't have done it without them. It definitely was a team effort."

Carlock's record was previously set by Lance Foulk, who happens to be Carlock's current receivers coach. In 1988, Foulk set the very record that one of his own players recently beat.

"To be his receiver's coach, was a neat thing to have happen," Foulk said. "You help him get to that point where he can get to that record."

Foulk graduated from Camdenton High School and is now a part of the coaching staff along with other Laker alumni. Even though he is proud of Carlock, he did say this moment has been somewhat bittersweet for him.

Foulk was quick to add, "But life is not about records. Having your own kids will mean more than 67 catches."

Carlock began playing football in third grade in youth leagues in Eldon under his dad as head coach. He has lived in the lake area all his life beginning in Eldon and moving to Camdenton in the fifth grade. Carlock began his career as a Laker when he started as a sophomore.

Carlock's father, Rogie Carlock, has coached various sports for almost 20 years.

For Kullen's mom, Gail Carlock, watching her son and husband prepare for the record-breaking moment was special.

"I never dreamed all those years of planning and preparation would bring such success," she said. "I am absolutely proud. He is such a humble and soft hearted man. He is wise beyond his years."

According to Gail, Kullen's pregame regimen consists of taking a nap and eating a frozen peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Gail recalls always telling Kullen and her oldest son, Spencer, "Do your best. Have fun and leave it on the field."

Rogie also expressed how proud he is of his son, "After coaching for 20 years, to sit back and watch your son do something like that is tremendous. I'm very proud of him."

For Carlock, this experience has reminded him how important his team truly is.

"It's not about yourself. Even though it is an individual record, the ball has to be snapped, they still have to block, it still has to be thrown," Foulk said.

Carlock added, "It's about other stuff than just me catching it."

According to his parents, Kullen has always cared about his teammates and about making the game about more than just one person.

"He is a team player and he cares about everyone around him," Gail said.

Both Gail and Rogie also credit the coaching staff with creating the man their son is today.

"I thank them for helping us raise him," Rogie said of the Laker coaching staff.

Gail thanks Coach Jeff Shore for investing in the Laker players especially her son.

"He is a man of integrity that calls his kids to a greater purpose," Gail said of Shore.

Starting as an underclassman was a huge achievement for Carlock. During his sophomore and junior years, the Lakers made it to the quarterfinals giving Carlock and his fellow Lakers memories they will hold on to well after graduation.

This year, the Laker Football team won the District Championship and went on to fall to Parkway Central in the State Quarterfinals. Kullen ended his senior year with 77 catches, 1,083 yards and 12 touchdowns.

Kullen will start his senior year on the Laker Basketball team soon. His college plans are still unclear. He has been accepted at the University of Missouri but has not yet decided exactly where he will be beginning school in the fall of 2014.