Jeff Shore
It's safe to say that Jeff Shore grew up into the role as head coach. His life was spent playing football and learning from the great Bob Shore, so Jeff was bound to be a good coach; it's in his blood.
But this season, Jeff Shore's Lakers have finally established themselves as being their own team. This is not the same team Bob Shore coached. Instead, this is Jeff's team. The Lakers knew that this season would come with its own adjustments, and losing Coach Ezard from the coaching staff required some changes made in the coaching staff.
Jeff Shore and his squad found not only a way to win, but their own identity in an efficient passing game, a running committee and a lockdown defense.
And it was good enough to get them yet another district title.
But to truly see the bonds between the players and their coaches, one only needs to look at their final game, a loss in the state quarterfinal. After lining up their seniors, the coaches and fellow players celebrated and said farewell to their seniors.
A class act set by the coaches and seniors will always set a good example for the younger men, and that's what Laker football is all about.

Shannon Jolley
After years of building, Coach Shannon Jolley and his coaching staff have facilitated a change in the sporting culture of the city of Eldon.
When Jolley first arrived at Eldon, the school's football program was in dire need of a new direction, and Jolley's way has proved, after half a decade, to be exactly what they needed.
The tough defense that the Mustangs have produced every year has become a signature of Jolley's team, and coupled with a rushing attack that puts up numbers on the ground which most teams dream of putting in the air, and it's easy to see why the Mustangs have become a powerhouse in their district.
But Coach Jolley's approach is more than what it looks like. He may seem gruff and hard on his team, but it's more than just about the game. He is molding these boys into men by teaching them about life THROUGH FOOTBALL.
The most important thing a new coach can do is to establish their methods and get the team to buy into it, but in Eldon, it's not just the team who believe in it, it's a town. Coach Jolley has helped to restore Mustang pride, and they should have pride for everything they have accomplished.
Coach Jolley isn't a man to change up a recipe that has already proven to work, so for all of you Mustang fans, it looks as if the winning Mustangs are here to stay.

Jason Trusty
It's not easy to be a coach at a Class 1 school. The sad fact is that smaller schools get less attention, and as such, less equipment and perks. But Macks Creek has got one of the best softball coaches around in Jason Trusty.
Not only does he coach this team, he has helped them develop every year since taking over the job. His understanding of the game is more than just teaching his teams, it also helps him in ways that other coaches would never consider.
Not only does he teach and coach, Trusty also writes up the articles on his teams' games.
In short, his dedication to what he does makes him the coach Macks Creek always needed.