A relatively small zoning case got tangled in fears of what another bigger case could mean for the Bittersweet Road area at the Camden County Planning Commission meeting Wednesday.

A relatively small zoning case got tangled in fears of what another bigger case could mean for the Bittersweet Road area at the Camden County Planning Commission meeting Wednesday.

A handful of residents on Imperial Point Dr. and Bittersweet Road attended the Nov. 20 meeting likely to speak in Prewitt Enterprises' case to zone 28.65 acres B-2 general commercial and R-2 medium density residential.

The proposed commercial area extended in a strip along Bittersweet Road from Anemone Road to Primrose Road while the R-2 area takes up the majority of the acreage and is bounded by Primrose and Thistle roads on the west and Anemone Road on the east with Imperial Point, Beaverdale and Baywood Condo subdivisions and a smaller stretch of shoreline to the north.

The stated intent for the proposed commercial area along Bittersweet Road was for a satellite parking lot for the Shady Gators/Lazy Gators entertainment complex. A B-2 zoning application for a parking lot would be over-zoning for that use, according to Camden County Planning & Zoning Administrator Don Hathaway. Only a B-1 zoning would be needed.

A last minute request by the applicant earlier in the day to rescind the application, however, ended with the commission continuing the case.

Hathaway indicated that Gary Prewitt had discussed other options for the property and would likely soon be filing a revised application for the zoning he wants for the previously unzoned property.

According to Hathaway, confusion about the boundaries of the Village of Four Seasons at the time planning and zoning was implemented has caused problems with several properties in this area. Most of the properties in question were covered by Camden County P&Z but should have been in the village, he said. After discovering the issue and working with the village, those have now had county zoning lifted from them, and a few other properties went the other way.

It appears that Prewitt's property went unzoned because it had not been claimed by either the county or the village, Hathaway said.

With the status of the property, P&Z is sponsoring the zoning case with the property owner requesting the zoning they want similar to original cases heard by the planning commission in 2004 when P&Z was established.

Two tracts adjacent to Prewitt's property were also on the agenda Wednesday. Applicants Brad and Karen Werner were seeking R-2 medium density residential zoning for a 1.4 acre lot with an existing residential structure and an undeveloped 0.72 acre.

These pieces were recently subdivided from Prewitt's then 31.4 acre adjacent property and sold to the Werners' BKW Lake Investments, LLC. As part of Prewitt's parent parcel, the Werners' lots were also unzoned.

Nearby residents expressed concern that giving R-2 zoning on the BKW land would possibly create a slippery slope to the approval of Prewitt's much larger application. The homeowners asked the commission to keep the area single family residential for the sake of property values and traffic safety.

The commission also received letters from residents concerned about Prewitt's case.

R-2 zoning would allow duplex to four-plex residential development.

Duplexes — but not tri- or four-plexes — could also be allowed on R-1 single family residential zoning with a conditional use permit.

According to Brad and Karen Werner, the structure already on the 1.4 acre lot is a duplex structure though it is being used currently as a single family home.

Karen had architectural plans to remodel the building to become a single family structure.

The couple stated that they did not have any plans at this time to develop the lots with R-2 type structures, but wanted to keep their options open.

Karen said they have this and a few other investment properties in the area.

With opposition on the application, the Werner case was tabled to the Dec. 18 meeting to give commissioners time to visit the site.