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Not by the Hair of My Chinny-Chin-Chin
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In honor of No Shave November, I thought this would be an appropriate topic to bring up.

1-BeardedLady-600As I got to that ďcertain age,Ē somewhere between menstrual cramps and hot flashes, I was prepared for things like lip lines, upper arm fat and the fold of blubber that shows up right under your butt. But somehow, someone along the way forgot to warn me of one of the other scourges of aging: Chin hairs.
The first time one of those suckers appeared, I thought it was an anomaly: an eyebrow hair that fell out of my forehead and reimplanted in a pore on my chin. But as I got further into my 40ís and more and more of those hairs appeared, I realized that some dormant hair follicle gene from one of my ancestors who lived during the †Neolithic period had been awakened and if I didnít do something drastic, I was either going to start to resemble the bearded lady from the circus or a Yeti.
Just to clarify, I am neither a hairy person nor particularly masculine, so the sudden appearance of these evil chin hairs was kind of a surprise.† That being the case, when things started to get noticeably fuzzy, I made an appointment to see my dermatologist to make sure I hadnít developed some kind of little known chin hair disease, and also to figure out how to get rid of the darn things.

As my doctor peered at my chin with her magnifying mirror and oohed and aahed at my goatee, I wondered if she was going to diagnose my condition or just take pictures and sell them to the National Enquirer.

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