ACA editorial error-strewn

*Editor’s Note: This opinion is in response to an Our View titled “Lame excuses for ACA site failure” published in the Friday, Nov. 15 Lake Sun.

After reading the our view in Friday’s paper I can certainly understand why no one wanted to be attached to this libelous piece, filled with false and misleading statements. You, whoever you are, have now slipped into the gutter with those right wingnuts who constantly denigrate our president and then complain that he is losing respect among our allies.

First among many is the "While the American health-care system is the best in the world." Actually the World Health organization rated us number 38 just below Costa Rica and one spot above Cuba. Bloomberg rated the top ten countries and we didn"t make that list either.

Next we find “The vast majority of Americans now live in a world of uncertainty." The 85 percent of Americans who get their health insurance through their employers are not affected by the problems with the federal web site.

The Republicans have spent the last three years using scare tactics — i.e. Rep. Bachmann’s diatribe about death panels among the worst — and trying to defund the program now complain the system isn't working.

It was assumed by the builders of the federal site that most states would have there own sites. This did not come to pass due in many cases, by Republican governers and or legislative bodies blocking formation of state sites. These same people are now complaining that the federal site is over loaded.

I would also point out that in the middle of October, four states and one county in Kentucky had enrolled a combined 100,000 in the ACA.

I also point out the Bachmann like statement toward the end of this obscene piece.

"And the road is going to be strewn with the skeletons of those who tried and failed to understand how to make their health insurance work in the new world order."

By the way as an aside how much knowledge does your staff of Romanian pornographers?