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Muffin Top: A Love Story
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muffintoplogo1Note: Today I’m doing something on my blog I almost never do (and I promise it’s PG-rated)… I’ve invited my friend Cathryn Michon to guest post about her amazing new movie, “Muffin Top: A Love Story.” Why am I doing this? Well, first of all I HAVE a muffin top (a few actually. They tend to multiply over the years, like chins). Secondly, I LOVE the concept of this movie… it is written by, directed by, and stars oodles of fabulous women – something which is almost unheard of in Hollywood. And thirdly, Muffin Top needs our help to make it into the theaters, and you know I’m all about women helping women, right y’all? †I hope you’ll read this post and help out, and then share the link with other women you know who want to help PUT CHICKS BACK IN FLICKS! So without further ado, heeeeeere’s Cathryn:

According to Glamour Magazine, 97 out of 100 of women report that they have at least one negative thought about their bodies per day. Every. Single. Day.

MuffinTopOneSheetv14 copyHonestly, I donít know whatís going on with those other three ladies. Maybe theyíre asleep because Iíve never met a conscious woman who doesnít have at least one negative thing to say about her body every day. I actually have more than one negative body thought a day, but then I live and work in Hollywood, where even supermodels worry about being fat.
Again, unless they are unconscious supermodels. Which they might be, for as little as they are allowed to eat.
Iím Cathryn Michon and one of the 4% of feature film directors who are women. I just made my first independent feature, Muffin Top: A Love Story, a hilarious romantic comedy about the body insecurity madness that overtakes us… the 97%.
My movie was made by people who do not like the images Hollywood puts into the world that cause women to hate on their bodies at least once a day.

The average woman in a movie today is a size 0 to 2. The average woman in America is a size 14.

The same size as Marilyn Monroe.


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