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  • This is getting ridiculous.

    Once again, due to the illogical and hypocritical behavior of those in positions of power, here in my hometown, I am forced to break out my keyboard to address such foolhardiness.
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  • This is getting ridiculous.
    Once again, due to the illogical and hypocritical behavior of those in positions of power, here in my hometown, I am forced to break out my keyboard to address such foolhardiness.
    In an area where most of us are opposed to Obamacare, and its unnecessary intrusion into our lives that removes personal choice and responsibility from our healthcare decisions, I simply cannot comprehend what I see in the regular “Court Reports” sections of our local papers.
    Most people here at the lake are ardent patriots such as myself. We don’t like anyone, especially our government, taking away our rights of personal freedom and individual choice. Most that I have spoken with, while we do feel that our healthcare system is seriously flawed and prices are out of control, have no faith that the federal government is the one to fix them. Notwithstanding Uncle Sam’s inability to run anything cost-effectively, we just don’t like being told what is in our own best interests by our government, or anyone else. Nope, we prefer to decide what is/is not in our own best interests, without any interference by any government entity.
    Isn’t that what America is all about?
    Up until now, I’m betting 99 percent of you agree with most of what I’ve said.
    Here’s where I will undoubtedly, (and sadly), lose a few of you.
    In reading about the various folks who our local courts have dealt with lately, I have found two individuals whose stories I must bring to your attention. To protect the guilty, I will further refer to them as “Nitwit #1” and “Nitwit #2”.
    Nitwit #1 had seven different charges levied against them as follows: 1.) Failure to stop at an intersection, resulting in accident. 2.) Failure to drive on right side of roadway, resulting in accident. 3.) Failure to yield after stopping vehicle that entered intersection/so close as to cause hazard. 4.) Operating vehicle without maintaining financial responsibility (no insurance). 5.) Failure to register motor vehicle (plates expired/missing) 6.) No seat belt. 7.) Passenger wearing no seat belt. The punishments levied for everything combined amounted to four years of court supervised probation and fines totaling $320.
    Nitwit #2 was found to not be intoxicated mind you, but merely in possession of up to 35 grams of a synthetic cannabinoid (fake marijuana). Their total fines came to $300.
    Why, in an area where personal freedoms and individual choice are held in such high regard, are we treating those who are guilty of nothing more than making a personal choice that affects only themselves physically, the exact same as serious scofflaws like Nitwit #1, whose actions put not only themselves, but others as well, is serious, serious danger?
    Page 2 of 2 - Do not say this is in any way fair because doing so would make you either a hypocrite or a guy with dark glasses and a cane selling pencils on the corner (a blind man). I am in no way advocating drug use/abuse in any way. I am not saying kids should have access to “fake drugs.” No, folks, I am merely reiterating what the majority of you have all said regarding this healthcare fiasco. These are matters of individual freedom and personal choice, and I wish to be allowed to make those decisions for myself. For goodness sake, we have a criminal, a true criminal epitomized, in Nitwit #1! Nitwit #2, while maybe being from the “shallow” end of the gene pool, is guilty of only making a choice that may/may not take days/hours off of their own life, yet we, as a community, are treating them almost exactly the same. This not only makes no sense, but in retrospect, in my opinion, makes us look like a bunch of cornpone, close-minded, redneck nitwits ourselves. I realize I am living in “The Bible Belt.” I, myself, am a Christian and along with my family belong to a local church. This kind of hypocrisy, however, makes me sick to my stomach. I do not care what any of you do privately, even if I disagree with your behavior, your choices should be just that: yours.
    It really makes me sad and, yes, angry, the rest of you do not feel the same.
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