1 Cheers to
the Camdenton and Eldon football teams for continuing on to the state quarterfinals. As a community, we celebrate your accomplishments collectively and individually and wish you the best of luck in Saturday’s games.

2 Cheers to
lake area organizations, schools and businesses that rolled out the red carpet for veterans this Veterans Day. It’s comforting to know that this community still values the sacrifices veterans have made and honor their service.

1 Jeers to
people who burn leaves irresponsibly. We saw earlier this week that letting a leaf fire get out of control can cost someone their home. Do the smart thing and burn only a little at a time, and take all the proper precautions to avoid a situation like the one in Sunrise Beach Monday.

2 Jeers to
area residents who don’t, over the course of the next twelve months, make an effort to get to know the real issues facing their town or community prior to the general election.