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  • Veterans Day message from a veteran

  • On Monday, Nov. 11 the nation recognized the efforts and sacrifices of its military service members on Veteran’s Day.
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  • On Monday, Nov. 11 the nation recognized the efforts and sacrifices of its military service members on Veteran’s Day.
    I graduated from Camdenton High School in 1999 and immediately traded in my Laker purple for Army fatigues.
    In the last 14 years I have served as an Army cadet or military officer and caught a glimpse of the nation before 9/11 and have grown up in its aftermath. My journey has taken me through the United States Military Academy and to various locations across the world to include combat service in Iraq and Afghanistan.
    As my tenured service to the military continues, my appreciation for Veterans Day continues to grow.
    This weekend, yellow ribbons were displayed, department stores and restaurants offered military discounts, and America will recognize the efforts of its veterans.
    Instead of receiving thanks and praise this Veterans Day, I would like to in turn give it.
    As a public, I THANK YOU for everything that has been done to assist Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines and their families.
    Since donning my uniform more than a decade ago, I have had complete strangers come up and shake my hand, have had someone anonymously pay my restaurant bill and gas station attendants have given me free cups of coffee.
    While this has never been expected or asked for, it is greatly appreciated.
    On a much deeper level, corporations have revamped efforts to hire veterans and non-profit organizations continue to assist families during deployments and send care packages overseas.
    The medical community has invested significant capital into researching and utilizing advanced prosthetics, studying traumatic brain injuries, and treating post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
    More than a simple hand wave or pats on the back, efforts are being made to treat injuries and stabilize the long term physical and mental health of our veterans.
    The generation who returned from service in Vietnam to face ridicule, harassment, and prejudice have ensured history has not been repeated as they watch their sons and daughters return from combat today.
    Thank you for your support and for making me proud to call myself an American military veteran.
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