Part of Lake Sun's tribute to Veterans Day published Nov. 6.

What did you do in the service?
I was drafted into the Army in 1951. I was in the infantry and served in Korea until I was wounded. They wouldn't let me go back into active service, so the rest of my time in the Army was in the postal service.

Describe a memorable time from service:
I was just off the farm a few months before I was sent to Korea. It was very different, but I just took it day by day. In Korea, it was cold, cold, cold. We were in foxholes. It was the only way to keep warm. I had been there on the front lines for three to four months when I got hit on my arm by a 30 caliber from a sniper. [According to service records, the incident occurred on Jan. 27, 1952 near Sunjon, North Korea.] They put me in a hospital in Japan and a month or so later I was shipped back to the U.S. The bullet went through my forearm and took the bone out. They put a rod up the center of my arm and grafted around it. So I can only bend it so far out and so far in.

What did you do after you got out?
Before I was drafted I had a job with Consolidated Freightways of Kansas City. When I was discharged, I came home and went back to work for them. I met Shirley in 1953. We got married in 1960. I worked at Consolidated for 40 years and retired June 1, 1989. We moved to the lake then.

How would you sum up your service?
I was glad to serve my country. I would do it again. Overall, the Army was pretty good to me.