When: November 11th and November 18th

The Wolf Pack basketball team is looking for players to join their club team to compete in league play in Springfield beginning in January and lasting through March, and possible tournaments that are available for 1st grade boys. Players will try out and be selected based on skill and athleticism and on ability to fully participate and attend practices and games. Additional players may be selected to participate in practice and training and alternates for games and tournaments. Minimal fees and cost applied.

The team is coached by Jason Dampier, who has over 300 wins and more than 50 championships, including a USSSA state championship title.

If you and your player would like to participate in this limited chance to excel skill and play for a top team please call 573-434-1601 to learn more or be selected for tryouts.

Tryouts are open for any 1st grade boys from around the lake area.