1 Cheers to
schools in the Osage district for working to get students more involved in Veterans Day activities.

2 Cheers to
developers at Old Kinderhook for unveiling plans for a multi-faceted hotel and recreation area. Hopefully this is the start of making the area a year-round attraction, not just a summer destination.

3 Cheers to
Lake Race organizers, who decided to pursue the event at the lake again in 2014.

1 Jeers to
Missouri state senator Ron Richard for proposing gun legislation in Missouri that was basically already defeated. Even if the new proposals are just a pared-back version of the earlier version, it’s still a waste of time and puts Missouri in a negative light.

2 Jeers to
to anyone who didn’t get out to enjoy the fall colors while they lasted. In the space of just a few weeks, they color has all but gone from the trees.