During the Civil War, Nevada became known as the capital for Bushwhackers.

During the Civil War, Nevada became known as the capital for Bushwhackers.

It’s a term used to identify pro-Southern guerrillas. The Confederate flag was raised at Nevada in 1861.

According to historic reports, the county sent more men to the Southern armies than any other in Missouri, comparative to population.

In 1858, John Brown led a midnight raid on three farms.

In 1863, the entire town of Nevada was burned to the ground by Unionists militia. The jail and a few homes survived. Needless to say, Abraham Lincoln received not one vote in Nevada or the entire county.

This proves to be a scenic day trip through the rolling foothills across U.S West Highway 54.

By 1825, the Osages had given up possession of the remainder of their Missouri lands and moved to their Kansas reservation. Located in west central Missouri, Nevada has less than ten thousand residents.

The 1855 town is rich in railroad and river history.

The Bushwhacker Museum is located in the lower level of the Nevada Public Library, the museum includes historical exhibits. The 1800s Old Jail has been restored to its original condition of a jail and deputy’s living quarters.

The sandstone building served as a jail until 1960!

Founded in 1898, the Norman Corporation is the only remaining manufacturer of metal ceilings, a “museum in operation”. Tours can be arranged upon request. Historic murals are around the Courthouse and the old business district.

Nevada area has a mixture of over thirty restaurants to select from.

You can choose from a variety of fast food restaurants, to a 1950s style diner.

There are several places to shop. Shopping is varied from the Amish General Store with home grown and hand-made specialties, to the Boot Store. The downtown area reflects the position of many little towns where there are more stores available for business than open for business.

An “Adventure Map” attraction guide is available. A historical driving tour of homes and landmarks including brochures and audio tapes is available through the Chamber of Commerce. Nevada is about ninety minutes of travel time from Lake of the Ozarks.