1 Cheers to
fire crews that contained a blaze at a swine barn. Had you not done your job quickly, the loss could have been devastating.

2 Cheers to
lake area National Guard members who went to the World Series in St. Louis to help keep the event running safely.

3 Cheers to
officers and strangers that recently saved the life of an Osage Beach man who fell into the lake. Without your quick thinking, the situation could have ended in tragedy.

1 Jeers to
Gov. Nixon for withholding money for the public defender’s office. We often think that alleged criminals are guilty before they even stand trial, but they still deserve fair representation. The public defender’s office can’t carry out their end of the judicial system if they don’t have the money to properly function.

2 Jeers to
Gary Nelson, who led police on a high-speed chase through Osage Beach. The stunt was dangerous and could have killed someone. But looking at the mugshot, we think there may be deeper issues we hope can be addressed.