The facts are these: the government is re-opened for now, the debt ceiling has been raised for now and the nation has a temporary reprieve for the time being.

The facts are these: the government is re-opened for now, the debt ceiling has been raised for now and the nation has a temporary reprieve for the time being. This temporary measure only provides that the government will continue to function until January/February 2014.The facts also reflect that 131 Republicans in the house voted against re-opening the government and raising the debt ceiling. The vote in the house showed that only 79 Republicans had the courage to vote with their fellow Democrats to re-open the government. What does all of this mean? It means we could repeat this craziness early next year.

Putting off today what should have been done four years ago is not solving the problem. It is frightening to some folks that 131 Republicans voted to keep the government shut down and refused to raise the debt ceiling so that this nation could pay its bills. Folks are asking themselves, how on earth could there be 131 Republicans still in favor of disrupting the country and so many of their countrymen's lives? With the backlash garnered from the American people over this latest crisis, how can these 131 Republicans be so out of touch with the people?

Now let's look realistically at the results of this latest Republican-manufactured crisis. Did the Republicans defund the Affordable Healthcare Law, (Obamacare)? No. Did they gain the support of the majority of Americans by creating this crisis? No. Did this Republican-created crisis force the President to cave into their lackluster attempt at blackmailing the American people? No. Did the Republican's approval ratings soar in any poll nation wide? No. What the polls clearly reflect nation wide is that the majority of Americans place the blame for all of this squarely on the shoulders of the GOP.

Now, we as a nation must ask ourselves how do we fix this currently broken government in Washington? Clearly the time for negotiations is before any Bill becomes law. The continued bipartisan bipolarism doesn't work so well when running a government. There obviously must be a change in Washington and we the people hold in our hands the solution to this ever increasing nonfunctional government.

May I be so bold as to suggest that when next we vote, we vote for the candidates that say, "I will work with both parties. I will be flexible to the best of my ability. I will compromise whenever compromise is possible. I object to absolute bipartisan politics and I will strive to always listen to reason by either party. Neither party has all of the correct answers to every problem. I believe cooperation is the only way for a government to run a nation."

I would go so far as to make the above statements standard oath to every politician taking office in the future. America cannot afford to lose credibility with other countries. This country should never stand by and be crippled by infantile or childish behavior like that which was just recently displayed by the Republicans. I commend the President for not yielding. I am proud of the Democrats who stood their ground. I am especially proud of those 79 Republican House members who voted their conscience and put their country first above politics.

I say there are outstanding politicians on both sides of the aisle. Rehashing old elections and current law is a waste of time for our lawmakers. There needs to be a renewed effort to pass a budget and debt ceiling way before the next crisis looms early next year. The only way for Washington to regain the trust and respect of the American people is for all of the politicians to do their jobs starting now. Republicans need to take a deep breath and realize blackmailing America is simply a very bad idea. The President and the Democrats must ask for Republican help in making the Affordable Healthcare Law work for every American. Democrats need to better explain the inner workings of Obamacare so that the nation understands all of the benefits it will truly offer. Change or progress is always frightening at first, but in the end it is a good and necessary step in order to provide a healthy, happy, financially secure future for all Americans.