It all began about five years ago when a non profit organization was founded and a BMX park was open in the lake area. Lake resident, Greg Surdyke, grew up in Festus, Mo. riding dirt bikes.

It all began about five years ago when a non profit organization was founded and a BMX park was open in the lake area. Lake resident, Greg Surdyke, grew up in Festus, Mo. riding dirt bikes.

"It kept me clean as a youth," Surdyke said.

When moving to the lake, Surdyke realized that one thing was missing for him and other bike enthusiasts. That is when he found the perfect property to host a BMX course. That is when the non-profit organization, Off-Road Riders Matter was born.

Five years later, the course is up and running on the Riverbottom Campground. The 250 acre course offers about four races a year and is opened most of the year for riders to enjoy.

About three years ago, Surdyke had another idea. He had seen and heard of mud runs and warrior dashes and wanted to host his own race at the lake.

"I have been planning this in my head for about five years. A friend of mine from Texas told me about this craze that was sweeping the South.  Who would have thought that survival type mud runs would be so attractive to millions of extreme athletes as well as soccer moms that are ready to turn up the heat?" Surdyke said. "The Riverbottom MX Park that myself and the 'Off-road Riders Matter' operate, is an absolutely perfect piece of property here at the lake to host an event.  I had been in contact with some of the huge organizations like Tuff Mudder and Warrior dash about putting on an event for us.  These organizations are huge and are also raising money for charities.  I wanted the local charities to reap the benefit so we decided to form a small group of organizers and do it ourselves.  The local charities are the Warrior Transition Unit from Ft. Leonordwood , the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Offroad Riders Matter. They are all non for profit groups that are helping locals out."        

Organizers are expecting about 250 runners. So far, 70 percent of those signed up are women.

"My number one reason for signing up for the rowdy run was to participate with my gym members.  I love getting them out of the club for a couple of good causes, the charities and their health.  This is going to be a first for several in our group," Ashley Tillett with Anytime Fitness said. "I have done countless 5Ks but never a 'rowdy' or obstacle course run. I am really looking forward to the shared experience with friends and family."

This event is great for runners of any age. A 17-year-old Lohman, Mo athlete is gearing up for the Rowdy Run.

"I decided to do the Rowdy Run because I thought it would be a fun challenge.  I work out 4 to 5 times a week to stay in shape for motocross, so an event like this gets me out of the gym," Cale Bartow said. "I’ve never done a mud run before, but I’ve seen them advertised and they look like a lot of fun. I look forward to the challenge.  One of my main motocross sponsors is Ryno Power Sports Supplements.  They help me with my training, and love to see their athletes participate in events like this. Knowing that the Rowdy Run helps local charities is just a bonus.  We get to compete, have fun and help people." 

 Bartow is one of the local youth that has benefited from the Riverbottom MX course.

"I am currently ranked 10th in both the 250 and 450 Novice classes in the Missouri State Motocross Championship Series.  I’m really glad Greg Surdyke built a quality track like Riverbottom MX so close to home.  Surdyke Yamaha is also a big sponsor of mine.  They have been great to work with," Bartow added.

The Rowdy Run is set for Saturday Nov. 2 with a kids’ version Nov. 3 at River Bottom MX, an off-road course in Kaiser.

Extreme athletes, thrill seekers and other fitness buffs will attempt to conquer the 5K obstacle course featuring wooded trails, steep hills, muddy fields, and sheer bluffs meant to test stamina, willpower and intestinal fortitude. This Rowdy event combines the old fashioned fun of summer camp with the endurance of boot camp for a guaranteed good time.

There will be concessions and a beer garden, bonfire, live music and s’mores. Spectators and supporters are welcome to come watch the race if getting rowdy is not for them.

"It's going to be a great fall outing," Surdyke said.

Registration is offered at Spectator and party tickets are free. Proceeds will be divided between local charities Warrior Transition Unit Ft. Leonard Wood, Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Off-Road Riders Matter.

The event coincides with Warrior Care Month (WCM), which was initiated in 2008 and is observed by the military services each November. The Warrior Transition Units and Military Treatment Facilities throughout the Army will be conducting outreach events and will have Warrior Care and Transition Program information available to help improve understanding and participation by Soldiers, Veterans, their Family members and Caregivers.

The theme for Warrior Care Month 2013 is “Building A Ready and Resilient Force.” Army recognizes that the nation comes together in many different ways to honor the sacrifices made by Soldiers and their families and to contribute to warrior care. All military personnel, past and present, are encouraged to run this race and show their support.

Riverbottom Campground is situated on a family owned and operated 300-acre farm located only 5.5 miles down D Road behind Prewitt’s Pointe shopping center in Osage Beach.

Visit, and for more information and find the event on Facebook @rowdyrunrace. Contact Greg Surdyke at 573-348-6575 or event organizer Jill Snodgrass at for more information.