All hail the phony “Affordable Health Care Act." What a colossal misnomer to have been attached to this so called law. This was a name thought up by the dozens of psychologists hired by this President and his Democrat buddies to win elections in the last five years.

All hail the phony “Affordable Health Care Act."  What a colossal misnomer to have been attached to this so called law. This was a name thought up by the dozens of psychologists hired by this President and his Democrat buddies to win elections in the last five years.  Win the elections by convincing, promising  and brow beating uninformed voters that they may get free or cheap health care if they vote for the Democrats and keep them in power. This was aided and abetted by the compromised liberal media and the "pop stars."

Our school children have been brain washed to carry the message home to their parents. After all, the communists and totalitarian countries learned a long time ago, control the press and government controlled propaganda at every opportunity you control the people. The law was upheld in the Supreme Court who only did so as a tax.  And of course it is to be overseen by the politically corrupted  IRS. After all they were so very successful in shutting down all but the liberal and socialist 501 c3's, 4's and 5's. NO conservative, patriotic, or dissenting speech allowed.  Any whistle blowing patriotic employees were shut up, ignored or in fear of repercussions. Well, this bunch proclaimed five years ago they were going to "Fundamentally Change America" and they have succeeded.  They have changed it to their way, and as long as they stay in power we serfs just don't matter. They are the ruling class.  They will keep making promises and dole out goodies to those who vote for them. This health care law was passed by dems who had no idea what was in it, It was written by political hacks, political appointees, lobbyists and those wanting to grow the government control and allegiance to the tax trough. Government workers are some of the most highly paid in our country. They will get theirs and they love it until the economy can't support them.  My niece is a divorced mother with one healthy child. She makes a little over minimum wage, as does her ex-husband. Funds and child support are limited. Yet as a responsible mother she purchased an individual health care plan for her child, because it would have been more expensive through her employer. She had $1,000deductible and 20 percent co-pays.  She has paid $128 a month since he was born. He is now fourteen.

Monday she got a letter stating his insurance is now going to be $173 a month and the deductible has gone up. She doesn't know yet what her employer is going to do. She currently  pays $280 a month through them for her insurance.  Yeah I guess it's (affordable) if she cuts back on food and energy usage, which will be necessary.

My friend is a nurse in the ER of a hospital. The hospital started cutting their staff a few weeks ago and the department secretary has been released. They continue to have the same patient load, consisting of all kinds of accidents, health emergencies, people looking for drugs with made up symptoms, illegals with all kinds of problems they must have a translator for. These people consist of those with insurance coverage and those with none or state medicaid. The new work load dictated by the (affordable health care law) is astounding. Those who have no insurance will not and do not pay. A law will not affect them. If they make any wages the IRS will penalize them some amount of money but they will still not have insurance coverage. Medicaid reimbursements will not keep the doors open and the costs of insurance for those who pay through their employer or privately are seeing their premiums go up and their deductibles doubling. A gentleman who lives in Seattle was on the news yesterday (Fox) of course, (the government) channel was going on about the shooting in D.C. said he has four children the youngest being 18. His wife is 58. He got a letter from his insurance carrier that his monthly premiums will now be $1,437 a month instead of the $891 he had been paying. His deductible has gone up to $8,000 a year. He said he contacted them to state his wife will not be having any more children, but the maternity coverage is required by the government. A lady on Fox this morning said her insurance is going up $250 more a month because her current insurance did not meet new government regulations.  These added premium costs could mean the difference between having  food, shelter and the means to get to a job, if you are lucky enough to still have a full time job.  The government is requiring the IRS to penalize those individuals who do not or cannot afford to pay for health care a few hundred dollars a year if they can find a money source to get it from. Employers are finding it better to cut employee hours and pay a penalty than cover their insurance. They can hire two 20-hour a week employees rather than a good full time employee. And with the disaster this dem bunch has created, able-bodied people are begging for any kind of job. Of course the slackers are signing up for Medicaid and disability in record numbers, after all they voted them in, time for payback. And those who must accept less than full time will have to cough up the penalty fee or buy inferior insurance plans they simply can't afford.