At the time of this writing, America is bracing for the shutting down of the federal government by the Republicans in Washington.

At the time of this writing, America is bracing for the shutting down of the federal government by the Republicans in Washington. This after the nation was treated to a select reading of Dr. Seuss' Green Eggs and Ham by Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz. Senator Cruz spoke in the senate for 21 hours in an effort to defund "Obamacare." He performed this stunt knowing full well that 80 percent of his fellow countrymen oppose the shutting down of the federal government (according to the latest NBC polls). Cruz shamelessly performed his stunt to the consternation of his fellow Republicans in both the house and senate. Immediately following his one man filibuster,  he voted right along with his fellow Republicans and Democrats on procedural measures to pass a budget.

 The house and senate have had four years to come up with a budget. Now at the very last moment the Republicans are attempting to blackmail the President by threatening to shut down the government if he will not agree to defund the Affordable Healthcare Act. The Republicans are once again on the wrong side of history and they know the senate would never vote to defund Obamacare. They also know the President would veto such a bill if it ever arrived on his desk. 

 Eighty percent of Americans are opposed to the shutting down of the federal government, so this means that the Republicans are willfully acting contrary to the wishes of their countrymen. If the government shuts down there will be such an outcry by the people that the Republicans will ultimately cave into their wishes. If they do pass a temporary budget, this could all be repeated when the debt ceiling debate begins again around Oct. 17. Whatever happens, the Republicans have once again painted themselves into a corner and managed to turn public opinion against themselves.

 Once again the Republican party is resisting progress for this nation and her people. They would deny insurance to a huge segment of the population while they themselves enjoy government sponsored health insurance. Why should Republicans care whether or not the federal government shuts down? During a shut down the postal service continues, Social Security checks go out and YES of course all of the Washington politicians get paid without interruption!

 I say that the Republican Party takes way too much pride in being the party of constantly saying "NO." If the Republicans spent even a fraction of the time they devote to disrupting the government to actually doing good for the country, these crises could be avoided completely. These are home grown problems created by a group of temporary occupants of the seats of power in America. I dare say that folks are tired of these childish games being played by Washington politicians. There is no good reason for this country to shut down......ever.

 The end game for the Republicans will be a backlash at the polls in 2016. The blame for all of this nonsense will be placed squarely on the shoulders of the GOP by the American public. This juvenile waste of time will accomplish nothing in the way of defunding Obamacare. The silliness of Texas Senator Ted Cruz will be nothing but a forgotten footnote in the eventual success of the Affordable Healthcare Act. Folks are tired of all the stalemates, posing and paralysis of the government in Washington. There needs to be a cooperation and genuine effort by both sides to do the business of the people. These fruitless demonstrations by the Republicans needs to cease. These are important times in American history and the last thing we need is a government shut down now or on the 17th when we are just getting back on our feet after the recent recession.