1 Cheers to
Camdenton football team for getting back on track with a win over Parkview on Friday.

2 Cheers to
the Camden County commission for restoring the budget for MU Extension in the county almost to its full level. The Extension programs do a lot of good for the community and we would hate to see those services permanently affected.

3 Cheers to
astronaut and Osage alum Mike Hopkins for his successful dock to the International Space Station.

1 Jeers to
the United State government for allowing a shut down to take place. Whether you identify as liberal, conservative or neither, ALL members of congress and the president are charged with working together — a lesson that is usually taught in elementary school. This failure to work together shows just how little congress thinks of the American people by denying some the ability to work.

2 Jeers to
people who don’t put effort into having working smoke detectors.