Why is it that the Republicans would spend any amount of time whatsoever on attempting to defund Obamacare (The Affordable Healthcare Act) once again?

Why is it that the Republicans would spend any amount of time whatsoever on attempting to defund Obamacare (The Affordable Healthcare Act) once again? They know that the United States Senate would never pass such a bill and the Republicans know that Obama would veto such a bill if it ever passed to his desk. I am wondering why after 41 separate failed attempts have already been made to derail the new healthcare law the Republicans have decided to waste more time and energy in a 42nd attempt to undo Obamacare? I do not understand the logic behind threatening to shut down the federal government when the Republicans know for a fact it will cost American taxpayers approximately $100,000,000 per day, every day the federal government would be shut down! Why is it that during a federal government shut down congress is still paid while our military isn't? Why is it that Republicans are always the party which threatens or actually shuts down the federal government only to lose their point in the end? Why do Republicans consistently act contrary to the best interests of the country and act indifferently to the financial/personal harm they cause to so many federal government employees?

 What is so hard to understand about the Affordable Healthcare Act? We know that, for instance in New York, the insurance premiums will be reduced by at least fifty percent under the new law. In South Carolina, 425, 000 folks who are currently uninsured will now have access for the first time to affordable medical heath insurance. These are the facts and every state, nearly 98 percent of Americans will have access to better, affordable, health insurance (many for the first time in their lives). It seems hard to believe that any intelligent, patriotic person would oppose such a life changing opportunity for so many of their fellow Americans regardless of whether or not they might benefit personally from the new healthcare law.  

 Why is it this country cannot begin to have a serious discussion about assault weapons, high capacity clips and better background checks for those wishing to purchase weapons? How can such a small organization like the NRA wield so much power over the common sense and overwhelming will of the majority of the American people? Logic dictates to those folks with half a brain that the answer to gun violence is not more guns, the answer can be found in better regulating those who buy the guns. The old adage, “guns don't kill people, people kill people" is an old, worn out excuse for what is happening today in America. The truth is that "People with assault weapons and guns they should not have are slaughtering people!"

 Why is it that women are still being paid less than their male coworkers for exactly the same jobs? How is it that this country is allowing certain states to virtually make it impossible for a woman to have an abortion? Why are men in the discussion concerning a woman's right to have a legal abortion anyway? It is the right of every woman to decide whether or not she wants an abortion and these states should have no say over a woman's choice to do what she decides with her own body.

 Why is it that one out of every seven citizens in the United States is receiving aide through the Food Stamps Program? How can it be in America that one out of every five children in America have hunger issues? Why can't American industry and American businesses be forced to pay a livable wage to the workers they employ? Why is it the federal minimum wage can't be raised to a level whereby every worker could live above the poverty level in a household of four people?

 Why is it that Americans accept the continued mass slaughtering of our fellow citizen's at the hands of madmen using assault weapons, high capacity clips, military ammunition without adequate background checks? Why can't businesses and industry make their profits while providing a liveable wage to their workers? There is no excuse for children having hunger issues in one of the world's richest countries. How is it that women's rights haven't been addressed by the year 2013? How can any Republican look into the face of voters and ask for their support after working so deliberately against their best interests while playing political games at everyone's expense?

 I say it is time for every American to ask the question, "Why is it......?" I believe the time has come for America to ask more from Washington and to expect solutions to these very important issues. I don't believe America needs to accept the unacceptable and we should demand real change from those politicians we elect to office. Finally I say there is no time for political posing, the time for real change is now.