Q&A with Kris Franken on becoming chairman of the Lake of the Ozarks Council of Local Governments

Q&A with Kris Franken on becoming chairman of the Lake of the Ozarks Council of Local Governments

Q With the changes that have taken place within the LOCLG over the past few years, what do you see as the council's role in the region? Is the council and staff now meeting that role or making progress toward fulfilling that role?

A The council’s role in the region is pretty well defined. The council is the conduit for grant funds and loan programs that are available to counties and municipalities.  The entities that participate in the group bring their wants/needs to the council and the council identifies the funding sources that are available for those projects along with any requirements to obtain the funding.  If the entity is interested in a particular opportunity, then the council proceeds at their direction.  The council is also responsible for completing planning work for the Missouri Department of Economic Department and the Missouri Department of Transportation.  The current staff is meeting the required deadlines and completing the projects that are in process.

Q In what direction do you hope to lead the council?

A My plan is to continue to be supportive of the staff and the participating entities to continue to work to obtain funding for public projects that are important in their respective areas, as well as aiding in identifying new project opportunities.

Q Do you plan on making any changes?

A I do not plan any changes currently.

Q Do you have any specific goals — both short and long term — that you'd like to see the council achieve?

A My goals for the council are to provide the best quality of service to the participating entities and to work diligently to secure the resources for as many projects as we can for the four county area that is served by the council.

Q Is there anything new or any additional projects you'd like to see the LOCLG staff take on?

A I would like to see the council get more involved in doing feasibility work for new sewer systems and expansion of existing sewer systems in the four county region, more particularly around the Lake of the Ozarks areas.