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    • Lake of the Ozarks Best Fishing & Hunting Times...
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      Lake of the Ozarks Best Fishing & Hunting Times for September 27 - October 3, 2013
                    A. M.            P. M.    

                Minor   Major    Minor   Major

      27        -----    6:05    12:17    6:29  

      28        12:39    6:51     1:02    7:14  

      29         1:22    7:33     1:45    7:56  

      30         2:03    8:14     2:25    8:36

      01         2:42    8:54     3:05    9:16  

      02         3:22    9:33     3:45    9:56  

      03 *       4:03   10:15     4:26   10:38  

      Day ratings for fish activity  

             *= Good  

            **= Better  

      ***= Best  

      (F) = Full Moon    (N) = New Moon

      Compiled by Darrell Taylor

  • The lake level was 658.4; with minimum generation scheduled, the lake should hold there through the weekend. Surface temperature at Bagnell Dam was 78 degrees; tributary temperatures are 75 to 81 degrees depending on location and time of day. Truman Lake is one foot over pool.
    BLACK BASS – No tournaments reported this week. Lower Osage: Fair to good, try Bullseye jigs tipped with Berkley’s Havoc Craw Fatty or Yum’s Pit Boss around deep brush. Glaize Arm: Fair to good, try shaky head jigs tipped with soft plastics around deep brush and ledges. Mid-Lake: Fair to good, try Yum’s soft plastic Money Craw or Power Worms around deep brush. Niangua Arm: Fair to good, try Money Craws, shaky heads, or 10-inch Power Worms in brush. Early and late try crankbaits like Norman’s Deep Little N or Rapala’s DT10 on points. Little Niangua River: No reported fish. Gravois Arm: Fair to good, try jigs tipped with Berkley’s 4-inch Chigger Craw or Texas-rigged blue fleck 10-inch Power Worms. Upper Osage: Fair to good to good on topwaters early, later try lizards and Power Worms around brush. Osage 60 MM: Fair to good on lizards and 10 inch Power Worms around brush.
    CATFISH – Bagnell Dam Tailwater: Excellent on perch heads, especially for big blues, some in the 70 to 80 pound range. Lower Osage: Good on rod and reel baited with cut bait. Glaize Arm: Good, try coves with nightcrawlers or chicken livers. Mid-Lake: Very good, try cut bait or beef hearts on jug lines. Niangua Arm: Very good for channel catfish, try nightcrawlers or chicken livers around docks 6 to 12-feet deep. Little Niangua River: Slow since the river receded. Gravois Arm: Good on rod and reel baited with dead minnows or cut shad. Upper Osage: Good, try shad sides or ‘perch’. Osage 60 MM: Good on jug lines baited with cut shad or perch. Truman Tailwater: Good on cut bait.
    CRAPPIE – Bagnell Dam Tailwater: Excellent for quantity and size on medium minnows, try very early of after sunset. Lower Osage: Fair, try minnows or jigs around big boat docks. Glaize Arm: Fair, try minnows fished deep around boat docks. Mid-Lake: Good under condo docks, try minnows 8 to 20 feet deep. Niangua Arm: Good, try jigs over deep brush or troll tiny crankbaits around humps. Little Niangua River: Fair to good in deeper holes. Gravois Arm: Very good, try minnows or blue-and-white jigs around docks. Upper Osage: Very good on medium minnows, larger fish are hitting jigs 14 to 16 feet deep. Osage 60 MM: Very good on medium minnows, larger fish are hitting jigs 14 to 16 feet deep.
    Page 2 of 2 - WALLEYE – Bagnell Dam Tailwater: No reported fish. Upper Osage: Very good, fish are very shallow. Try crankbaits and Rooster Tails. Osage 60 MM: Very good, fish are very shallow. Try crankbaits and Rooster Tails.
    WHITE AND HYBRID BASS – Bagnell Dam Tailwater: Try any white lure like Heddon’s Torpedo and Bill Lewis’ Rat-L-Trap. Lower Osage: No reported fish. Glaize Arm: Try white jigs in coves; also try Dixie Jet Spoons on flats and points. Mid-Lake: Good on spoons in open water. Niangua Arm: Very good in spots early in the morning, look for fish feeding on shad and try spoons like the Dixie Jet, Bass Pro Shops XPS Tungsten Jigging Spoon, or Cotton Cordell’s Gay Blade. Little Niangua River: Poor. Gravois Arm: No reported fish. Upper Osage: Good, try very shallow with a Worden’s Rooster Tail. Osage 60 MM: Good, try very shallow with a Worden’s Rooster Tail..
    BLUEGILL – Bagnell Dam Tailwater: Excellent for very big fish, try nightcrawler pieces. Lakewide: Excellent around docks or submerged brush, try Buck Creek Bait’s red and white Lil Swimmer jigs, meal worms, nightcrawler pieces, and live or Berkley’s Gulp crickets.
    NOTE: The Lower Osage is from the dam to the 22-mile mark; Mid-Lake is between the 22 and 38-mile marks; the Upper Osage is between the 38 and 55-mile marks; the Osage 60 MM is between the 55-mile mark and the 89-mile mark; and the 89 MM is between the 89 MM and the Rt. 65 Bridge.
    UPDATES – Bagnell Dam – Dam Bait Shop (573-216-2084); Lower Osage and Glaize Arm – Guide Skip Surbaugh (573-365-0006); Midlake and Gravois – Mike Foree @ Osage Beach Bait & Tackle (573-348-9333); Niangua Arm – Darrell Taylor; Upper Osage – Guide John Blankenbeker (573-280-1455); Little Niangua River – Greenmill Campground, (573-363-5577); Osage 60 MM – Bryants Osage Outdoors, www.osagetackle.com (573-374-2278); coming soon, Truman Dam Tailwater – The Osage Mini Mart, Warsaw (660-438-9575); Tourney Results – www724outdoors.com; Lake Level (573-365-9205). Compiled by Darrell Taylor.
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