Overseeing a construction project could be likened to a jigsaw puzzle, with each of the pieces having to fit together perfectly before the project is complete.

Overseeing a construction project could be likened to a jigsaw puzzle, with each of the pieces having to fit together perfectly before the project is complete.

But Camdenton Superintendent Tim Hadfield is juggling two such projects as the school district moves forward with renovation of the Hurricane Deck Elementary School in Sunrise Beach, and with construction of a new Osage Beach Elementary on Nichols Road.

Hadfield isn't alone in the tasks, though, as a special committee of laymen and board members is helping with the nuts and bolts of the process. He's joined by Roger Corbin, Susan Leslie and Jim Jackson from the community, and board members Nancy Masterson and John Beckett.

The construction projects were put in place by a no-tax-increase $43 million bond issue approved by Camdenton School District voters last April. Groundbreakings at both locations are expected this fall.

"We're close to sending out bid specs to general contractors," Hadfield said this week.

The board finalized construction documents over the summer after waiting for topographical maps for the Osage Beach location, and soil sample results at both locations. Each location poses special challenges, Hadfield explained. The Osage Beach school will be built from the ground up; the Hurricane Deck school will be renovated and expanded while school is in session.

The superintendent said both projects should be finished in the spring of 2015 to allow a smooth transition into the buildings over the summer in time for the 2015-16 school year.

"There is a lot of excitement about both buildings," Hadfield said.

Osage Beach Elementary

The Osage Beach Elementary, currently located on the northeast fringe of the Camdenton School District, will be relocated into a new building on Nichols Road near Dude Ranch Road, across the street from the Sycamore Creek Golf Course Clubhouse. Hadfield said the location gives district patrons a more centrally located facility in a more neighborhood-like setting.

The decision to locate on Nichols Road was made easier when Duenke Family Properties sold 20 acres of land to the school district for about half the appraised value.

"Our patrons and students will benefit from the generosity of the Duenke family," Hadfield noted. "The family was great to work with."

The footprint of Osage Beach Elementary will cover about eight of the 20 acres donated, with the property approximately located between Woodland Cove on the northeast to Putter Road on the southwest. The school will sit back from Nichols Road with student drop-off and parking in front.

"Our intent is to make the building very attractive yet be a natural part of the landscape," Hadfield explained.

There will be a significant green activity space for use by the school and the community.

Some patrons have raised a concern about heavy bus traffic on Nichols Road, but Hadfield said he and district transportation officials don't anticipate a problem. The road carries several buses daily now without any issues. Hadfield said the city of Osage Beach has been involved in the traffic discussion, and has been made aware of the need for sidewalks and school-related signage and warning lights.

The school district had identified a different location early in the process, but city officials noted the original location lacked infrastructure and proper zoning. The current location has city utilities in place and meets zoning requirements.

And the generosity of the Duenke family helped seal the deal.

Current OB location

Hadfield said the current elementary school location sits on five acres and is limited in scope and design. A nearby cemetery prevents any expansion.

"Buildings have lives," he explained, "and the current building is near the end of its usefulness to our district. There are demands on technology and electricity today that are vastly different. It's come to a time when we need to have a building with a longer life."

Once the new school is open, the district will declare the old facility as surplus property and offer it for sale.

Preliminary plans for Osage Beach Elementary

Pre-K to 4th grade

•Four-part, two-story building with 81,845 total square feet

•24 classrooms with a few additional rooms available for overflow classrooms

•Gym and cafeteria with a performance area

•Art and music classrooms close to the gym and cafeteria

•Kindergarten and preschool classrooms close to the school's entrance

Preliminary plans for Hurricane Deck Elementary

Pre-K to 4th grade

•Office area, gym and classrooms built in the 1950s will be torn down, but the library area and newer classroom wing will remain.

•The renovated and expanded building will be one story for a total of 75,801 square feet.

•The addition will be more than 59,000 square feet of the total.

•A courtyard will be built between the media center and kindergarten hallway.