Today's headline caught my attention: Nixon Statement On HB 436 Action.

Today's headline caught my attention: Nixon Statement On HB 436 Action.

So I clicked and read the short statement from our governor. “As a gun owner and supporter of the Second Amendment, I applaud the bipartisan vote in the Senate to sustain my veto of this unnecessary, unconstitutional and unsafe nullification bill.”

“Bipartisan?” I guess two Republican senators out of 24 joining the ten Democrats is technically bipartisan. Can we also say that the two Dems who joined the 107 Republicans in the House made their override vote “bipartisan”?

“Unnecessary?” I guess a governor busy with his own DOR / REAL ID scandal might have not have noticed the scandals with the NSA, IRS, Fast and Furious, etc., etc., or some of the President's recent gun control executive orders. Nope, no gun control threat from the Feds.

"Unconstitutional," he says because of a provision that's clearly intended to protect the privacy rights of gun owners. Make no mistake, the publishing provision in HB 436 was poorly worded and should have been removed or fixed, but “unconstitutional”?

Then I noticed a link to another article, right below the governor's statement: Kid Porn Making Priest Gets 50 Year Prison Sentence

Hummm.... As part of our duty to protect the rights of children, we enact laws against publishing kiddy porn. We don't think those modest restrictions on first amendment rights are unconstitutional, so why would anyone think it's unconstitutional to protect the privacy of gun owners?

Then I saw the next link (no kidding, maybe providentially, three stories right in a row): Former Missouri Cop Convicted Of Murder

Yes, when a law enforcement officer breaks the law – especially if he violates the rights of another – we hold him accountable, just like in HB 436.

The governor called HB 436 “unsafe.” If the governor thinks it's “unsafe” to make law enforcement officials (state or federal) accountable for infringing on the rights of the People, then he must not know much about history. Virtually every advanced civilization in history eventually devolved into a despotic state with police or military oppression of the People.

Was the governor's beyond-the-pale statement hyperbole or one more indication that he really just doesn't understand that protecting the liberty of the People is the “principal office of government.”