Here are 32 rules that Farnoosh suggests an entrepreneur live by. I loved them and thought you might too.

32 Simples Rules Successful Entrepreneurs Live By

1. Value your time more than money. So don’t waste your time. Guard your time.

2. Fail big. Fail often. Failure is not a problem at all. Fear of failure is a waste of time.

3. Invest in yourself. Get a coach. Take courses. You don’t have time to learn it on your own.

4. Do uncomfortable things. If it’s comfortable, push yourself more.

5. Focus on your strengths. Outsource your weaknesses.

6. Get others to help you. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

7. Be vulnerable. You are not made of rocks and stones. And vulnerability is an act of courage.

8. Speak up. If you don’t tell the world what you are doing, they won’t know about it.

9. Promote yourself without shame but do it with sincerity and in a genuine way.

10. Create only what you can be proud of and what you can absolutely stand by.

11. Understand that you won’t appeal to everyone and if you did, you would fail.

12. Treat your competitors as your role models. Learn from them. Don’t be threatened by them.

13. Think big. Have a big vision of what you intend to accomplish from the get-go.

14. See yourself as a player in this playing field. Don’t exclude yourself because you are new or inexperienced.

15. Believe in your ultimate success and reaffirm it every single day.

16. Surround yourself with people who share your core values and will lift you higher in your business.

17. Make great friends with money. Wealth is a tool you can use however you choose.

18. Accept that you will have to make compromises that your family or friends may question. Be okay with that.

19. Take care of yourself. This is a long road and you need to be fit for it.

20. Adopt a winning mindset. Learn tools and habits that will help you cultivate it.

21. Find a fierce support group. A mastermind. A small group of like minded peers.

22. Validate your work and your worth by how you feel about it, by what difference you make, not by what others say.

23. Make yourself a deal that if you ever lose excitement for doing this, you will stop. Never force entrepreneurship. You can always get a job.

24. Aspire to make a difference and chip at that vision daily, hourly, bite by bite, inch by inch.

25. Find inspiration and guidance in those who have mastered what you are trying to accomplish.

26. Become an expert in your field and share the expertise openly with the world. Don’t hoard information.

27. Pursue the passion relentlessly. Pursue it in the light and in the dark, when you are weary and disappointed.

28. Ignore the naysayer, the complainers, the haters, the doubters, and just do the work you believe in.

29. Cultivate patience. This is not a sprint. It’s a marathon of many miles.

30. Reward and recognize the success milestones. It’s about praise for what you have done as much as anticipation for what’s to come.

31. Grow every day as an entrepreneur, grow with your ideas, your goals, and the pull of possibility.

32. Believe in yourself. More than anything, every day wake up and remember that you are meant to do this, that you are here for a reason and this – being an entrepreneur and creating work that is worth doing and will lead to a legacy, that matters. You matter. And so you keep going.

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