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Sept. 14, 2013 12:01 a.m.

"Taking on a new life" is the feeling I got when I stepped into our church, Sacred Heart, in Bevier last week. It has recently been painted. The last time it was painted, I've heard, was 40 years ago. The altar society decided to paint it the same brilliant, yellowish gold as before. This choice of color allows for everything in the church to glow, especially the elegantly majestic altar. Therefore, this new paint job brought a new, refreshed, and rejuvenated feeling when I walked through the doors.
The paint may not be the same color as the painted walls my mom remembers from her childhood, but all things change. The trick with accepting change is to look always for the positives incurred with that change. Has the change in the color, changed the purpose of the building? Has the change in the color caused change in the way we worship? Has the change in color caused our faith to waver? The obvious answer is no.
Thus, this change has limited us in no way. In fact, I see the change has accomplished a sense of pride from the members of our parish. Pride to continue with mass when the church was being painted and pride when lights glowed late into the evening as the altar society ladies cleaned and carefully placed the beloved statues back in their places of honor. This pride and, of course, faith will live much longer than the brightness of the newly-painted church. However, this fresh new look brings fresh new energy to the members of Sacred Heart.

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