The fourth annual Lake of the Ozarks CROP Walk will be held Sept. 14.

The fourth annual Lake of the Ozarks CROP Walk will be held Sept. 14.
Last year almost $10,000 was raised with a portion of the proceeds going to the Hope House Food Bank in Lake Ozark. It is a 5K that begins and ends at Ruthie D’s Restaurant on Horseshoe Bend Parkway in Lake Ozark. Registration is at 9:30 a.m. and walk begins at 10 a.m.

What is CROP Walk?   
CROP Hunger Walks are community-wide events sponsored by Church World Service and organized by local congregations (over 37 denominations) and businesses, raising funds and awareness to combat hunger at home and around the world.

Where Does the Money Go?   
Church World Service is a 68-year-old, non-profit organization that has a four-star rating by Charity Navigator. Less than 15 percent of monies raised go to administration. Of all funds raised in community CROP Walks 25 percent go directly to the charity of their choice. At the Lake of the Ozarks event, the Hope House Food Bank is the recipient. The remainder is used to fill food banks and soup kitchens nationwide, assist with long term recovery for families displaced in disasters locally, nationally and worldwide. CWS works worldwide, including in the United States,  providing education, supplies and livestock to help people  become self-sufficient, building irrigation systems, drilling wells, planting crops, raising livestock.  
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How Can You Help?   
Donations in any amount are appreciated. Local walkers obtain support by collecting donations which they turn into our local CROP Committee Treasurer, Dale Daniels, on or before the day of the walk.  Corporations and individuals may also donate by making a check payable to “Lake of the Ozarks CWS/CROP” and contacting CROP coordinator Bette Taylor at 573-365-7805, treasurer Dale Daniels at 573-480-0070 or visit to make on line donations.

By the numbers
•Over 1 billion people are hungry worldwide. That’s one out of every seven people in the world.

•Each day almost 16,000 children die from hunger-related causes – one every five seconds. And, that is only the children.

•People are hungry in the United States also. If all 36.2 million Americans faced with food insecurity stood in line at a food pantry in New York, the line would stretch to Los Angeles and back - twice.

These are astounding numbers and many of us here in the mid-west may think those numbers represent third world countries or very large cities with lots of crime, drugs and poverty.  
However, there are hundreds right here in the Lake of the Ozarks are who are also going to bed hungry and have few resources for clothing, shelter and basic hygiene needs.  
Local food banks have seen a tremendous increase in need the past few years.