1 Cheers to
the Lake Ozark Daybreak Rotary Club for donating upwards of $50,000 to local charities and organizations.

2 Cheers to
police in Westlake, Ohio for capturing wanted fugitive Brian Adkison. We hope the family of his victims can find some comfort knowing he is back behind bars.

3 Cheers to
Medical Missions for Christ for your continued work in the community to help others.

1 Jeers to
the decision to purchase land to build a new fire station for MCFPD. Although having an extra station would certainly benefit the area, it seems premature. We understand the need to plan for the future but it might have been more prudent to wait until after the November ballot issue.

2 Jeers to
the measly sentence for a former school aide found guilty of sexually abusing an Eldon student. Five years seems to lenient for a predator that changed someone’s life forever.