This program is nothing more than a new government tax. The new government program is Socialism sneaking its way into the fabric of America.

 "This program is nothing more than a new government tax. The new government program is Socialism sneaking its way into the fabric of America. There is no need for this program, Americans can and should fend for themselves. The system has been working perfectly fine, why change it? This new government program is unconstitutional. America's politicians are forcing this new program down the throats of Americans against their wishes. This new program is too expensive. This new program will be the ruin of America."

These were the comments and arguments opponents of Social Security used when that program was in its infancy. These are the very same comments and arguments being used in opposition to the new "Obamacare" Affordable Healthcare Law.

 Of course as it turns out, Social Security is a cherished right to every American and few would give up their right to draw on their benefits. In every election, voters strain to hear what the candidates have to say about Social Security.

Any candidate for public office knows instinctively that any mention of doing away with or decreasing folk's Social Security benefits is political suicide. Social Security is that one safety net every American has come to rely on and it is an important part of nearly every American's retirement plan. 

 Now comes another social program just as important and just as game changing for every American as was Social Security in its day. Just as was the case with Social Security the opponents of Obamacare are predicting disaster for the nation when the new Affordable Healthcare Law is instituted in 2014.

The rhetoric is exactly the same as those short sighted folks who were against Social Security many years ago. Those opposing Social Security way back then were as wrong then as are those folks opposing Obamacare the Affordable Healthcare Law are today. One day the Affordable Healthcare Law will be as cherished as is Social Security and we as a nation will wonder how we ever got along without it.

 Finally at least 90 percent of Americans will have access to affordable healthcare insurance.

Companies employing over 50 employees will now be required to offer health insurance to their workers. If you lose your job the huge "Cobra" gap insurance premiums are gone and you can enroll in inexpensive insurance pools instead until you find a new job. Insurance companies will no longer be allowed to put lifetime benefit gaps/limits on their policy holders for long term illnesses or accidents.

Our children will be allowed to remain on their parent's inexpensive insurance policies until the age of 26. Those Americans suffering with pre-existing medical conditions can for the first time get health insurance coverage. Most importantly, insurance companies will now be required to provide preventative healthcare screenings so that ailments can be diagnosed and treated early. 

No longer will the sick, the elderly or the disabled be forced to choose between buying food or going to a doctor/hospital for medical treatment. This will end the practice of denying lifesaving medical treatments to their policy holders by insurance companies due to bogus lifetime policy limits. Insurance companies will finally be in the business of providing for the preventative healthcare of their policy holders.

 The results of all of these changes should be an overall healthier nation. Diseases should be diagnosed earlier resulting in faster treatments and a much better outcome/survival rate for the patients.

Costs should start to decrease if everyone is insured and hospitals are paid for every patient they treat. Through the buying power of prescription drug plans, the cost of medications should decrease as the plans dictate what they will pay for those medications. Finally every American will be afforded the opportunity to never again fear the crushing medical costs currently associated with a catastrophic injury or illness.

 I say that the time has come for America to stop fearing progress and embrace this new healthcare law which will benefit nearly all Americans. Anyone opposed to this new system is in my opinion uninformed or simply unwilling to accept change no matter how beneficial it is to America as a nation.

There are those still opposed to Social Security, we as a nation dismiss them as wrong just as we will dismiss those who now oppose the new Affordable Healthcare Act someday. I say someday we will advance this program even further by making it a single payer Medicare program for everyone. Until that day, this is a good start!