I looked the word dog-tired up on Google just to see what it would say and the word EXHAUSTED came up as a definition.  That’s me..exhausted.  I don’t know if it is a combination of the heat and my husband and I spending every waking moment working on our house that we are trying to finish building, but dog-tired is the only way to describe how I feel lately.  Let’s just say we LABORED on Labor Day weekend and then some!  And then I turn on the television one morning this week while I was getting ready for work and a woman, age 64 was swimming from Cuba to Key West Florida, nonstop, that’s 103 miles and I will say it again NONSTOP without the use of a shark cage.   This was her fifth attempt and she made it and swam onto the shores of Key West 53 hours after she jumped into the water in Cuba and started her swim.  As I thought about this obviously very determined woman and what it would take for a person to swim without stopping for 53 hours, dog-tired took on a whole new meaning for me and I didn’t feel as tired anymore when thinking about Diana Nyad and how she must have felt when she got out of the water in Key West.  I seen an interview that she did the day after and her face was swollen and sunburned from the sun and salt water.   Other than the swelling, she looked pretty good for somebody that had swam that long! 

So whatever the motivation was behind Diana Nyad swimming from Cuba to Florida and breaking a world’s record, I have to commend her for her determination.  And it really goes to show that you can do anything if you just put your mind to it!  And next time I am dog-tired, I will think about her and try and not complain as much!  :0)