he Camden County Commission voted to turn more than $50,000 to the Horseshoe Bend Special Road District after months of discussions over an alleged error.

he Camden County Commission voted to turn more than $50,000 to the Horseshoe Bend Special Road District after months of discussions over an alleged error.

The HBSRD was shorted by the county by $50,888.47 in its annual County Aid Trust Fund (CART) payment for 2011, received in Sept. 2012. The mistake was brushed off as an error by the county. Months after the shortage had been brought to the county's attention, nothing had been resolved.

In the meantime, the county has been looking at how to restructure the funding formula. The county is not mandated by state statute to share the CART funds with the special road district but has done so for years. The formula used to determine how much the special road district receives has been in place since 1992.

The HBSRD issue was on the agenda for the Wednesday Camden County Commission meeting. Associate Commissioner Beverly Thomas had requested the issue be placed on the agenda. Thomas and Associate Commissioner Cliff Luber were unanimous in their vote to pay the district the $50,888.47.

The decision on Wednesday was to reimburse the more than $50,000 in funds to the special road district and table how the money will be given in the future. The commission plans to meet with the special road district soon to get this issue resolved. Another payment for 2012 is due this September.

Marcy Meisner, HBSRD office manager, discovered the discrepancy in the fall of 2012 when the regular payment was received from the county. She said based on the same formula the county and HBSRD have used for 20 years, the Road District had calculated it would receive $313,794.59. Instead, the check was only for $262,928.12 ― a $50,888.47 difference.

Meisner contacted the Missouri Department of Revenue to verify what the state had sent to Camden County for disbursement. She found that what the state sent was different from what the county said it received ― by $400,000.

According to figures compiled by Meisner ― again based on DOR figures ― Camden County was to receive $2,574,759.75. However, the report from Camden County says the county only received $2,170,023.86 ― a difference of $404,735.89.

The county and the road district have been going back and forth without resolving the issue since the shortage was discovered.

The commission sent HBSRD a proposed formula for calculating funds in the future. The proposal was denied and rebutted with a counter formula.

Commissioner Beverly Thomas wants to see this issue resolved but knows that Camden County Road and Bridge is in need of funds, as well.

"I do know the county is becoming desperate for funds for Road and Bridge," Thomas said.

A handful of residents and members of the special road district made an appearance at the county commission meeting.

"Pertaining to the CART fund issue, we have all the documentation and facts at our office. If anybody in this room would like to see those, you are welcome to come by our office and we will show them to you," Jerry Jackson with HBSRD said.

After much discussion and some debate between Presiding Commissioner Kris Franken and residents, the issue was tabled.