Versailles' offense proved itself to be potent at the jamboree last week, with some slick runs and trick plays. The defense will need to provide some key stops this week to give the offense a chance to run away with the game. Knob Noster's game-plan on defense will have to center around stopping the run, so whatever they can do to spread out the defense will benefit the Tigers. A few well-placed passes might keep them from stacking the box. A win here would give the Tigers a step in the right direction to improving from last season, but that may be easier said than done against a team who went 6-7 last season. Fortunately for the Tigers, the Panthers had more wins on the road than at home. In the end, it will be interesting to see who can win this battle between two teams with two new coaches in two new systems.

Coach: Broc Silvers
2012 Record: 2-8 Overall, 1-6 District
2013 Record: 0-0
Last Game: The Knob Noster Panthers pulled out a 39-22 win over the Tigers in the 2012 season opener.
Players to Watch:
Michael Allen, Jr. QB: Allen has a lot of power to his throws, and a strong build. He can be mobile, but has the build to stand in the pocket and take a hit if he has to.
Kyler Turpin, Sr. WR/DB: Last year, Turpin was a force to be reckoned with in the Tigers' backfield. This season, he can be seen working out of a variety of positions, all of which can get him the ball. Give him some open space, and he can run for miles.
Evan Lewis, Sr. TE/DE: Lewis' hands will provide a quick release for Allen this season, and on defense, he will lead the squad from his spot on defensive end. Look for him to provide pressure and lay the smack-down on some lineman to get at the ball-carrier.

Knob Noster
Coach: Matt Klein
2012 Record: 6-7
2013 Record: 0-0

Versailles Keys to Winning:
1. Eliminate the big plays. Defensively, the Tigers have to slow down offenses to stay in the game.
2. Trick the opposing defense. The Tigers' new offense works around a variety of talented skill players, and the ball can go just about anywhere or to anyone. Confusing the other defenses will keep them on their toes, and force them to be cautious with their defensive schemes.
3. Find a rhythm. If the offense can find its pace and work its way down the field, they can eat up the clock and wear out the defense in the process. Find a way to make everything click.