County takes in more than $45K — about half of what was due.

The Morgan County delinquent tax sale was held Aug. 26 on the north steps of the courthouse in downtown Versailles.
County Collector Kathy Francis reported 42 bidders signed up with 27 ending up buying property.
The county was due $80,752.55 on the 154 parcels that ultimately went up for sale, but the 86 parcels that actually sold only ended up bringing in about half of what was due at $45,892.26.
"We used to sell everything but we don't anymore," Francis said.
Most of the unsold parcels are small undeveloped tracts — less than 100 by 100 — that are located in a remote part of the county that nobody wants because tightening wastewater regulations have made them too small to legally have a septic tank.
There were 20 parcels offered for a third time this year with no buyer, and seven parcels that had their third offering last year that were not even offered this year.
In 2012, 69 out of 113 parcels that owed taxes were sold. There was $67,212.54 owed and $51,335.93 collected.
As more of these unwanted parcels become more delinquent and are offered multiple times, the amount due the county continues to rise with more years and more interest, said Francis.