During August Dog Days, don't sweat it - get your walking done in the cool of the early mornings.

  Does anyone know where the term "dog days of August" originates? Most dogs of my acquaintance prefer to spend hot steamy summer days lying stretched out like a deflated balloon in the shade next to a fully-stocked water bowl, or preferably, ensconced on the sofa with the central air on high.  Personally I'd opt for the second choice. Yesterday afternoon as the mercury topped 89 and the humidity and dew point met at 70 I was in the garden in full sun picking hoards of cherry tomatoes. They were ripe so I had no choice - pick 'em or lose 'em to thirsty birds. I retreated to the lovely cool of the house looking like a limp lettuce leaf.

  I peeked into the living room and, sure enough, there was Lacey, stretched out from one end of the loveseat to the other, gently sawing logs. She opened one eye, sighed, and rolled over. Not for her, walkies on such a hot afternoon. Just a quick trip outdoors after supper to take care of business.

  So this morning, just as the sun was nicely above the horizon, we decided it was just right for a good brisk stroll around town. Armed with a bottle of H2O and a doo-doo bag, we set off, Lacey eager to sniff at her favorite scent posts along the route. It was lovely and cool with just a hint of early morning haze obscuring the sun. Apart from a few frogs,one snake and a dozen mourning doves and robins we had the road to ourselves. We walked to the golf course and back, enjoying a quiet time of human/canine companionship on this particular "dog day" in August.