Kathleen Marco started playing the piano at the age of four, and had her first accompanist job at 14.

Kathleen Marco started playing the piano at the age of four, and had her first accompanist job at 14.

"I guess I've always been in the music business...well, as far back as I can remember anyway. Even when I worked a full-time job, my music was always there, sometimes just as side money."


Explain your style of music and the type of songs you play?

That's a tough one...depends on what the gig is! My first love is jazz. I sing mostly jazz standards when I play with Mike V (Vyrostek), but I also play classical piano, and have recently expanded my career going solo, singing rock and roll/Motown type stuff. Seriously, I can play Mendelssohn for a wedding ceremony, play and sing light jazz for the dinner, then rock your socks off for the reception! I truly love all kinds of music, and I try to bring a little bit of everything to each gig.

What musicians inspire you?

Ella Fitzgerald and Diana Krall are my favorite jazz vocalists, Gershwin and Chopin are my favorite composers, and Don Akers and Kathleen Holeman are two of my favorite "local" entertainers. All of these people inspire me in different ways. I love how each one of them challenges me to do what I love better in some way. And, my biggest inspiration? My mother. She's my toughest critic and loudest cheerleader! She played and sang as I was growing up, and continually pushes and encourages my music in amazing ways.

What do you do when you are not performing? 

Usually practicing...ha!. But I love taking a break at a campground where there is no cell service with my son, Joseph, who is 16. I enjoy getting out on my nights off to see other live music in the area. I learn so much just by watching others. I have made some great friends in the Lake music community and I love getting to see all of them.

When do you perform?

Regular gigs: Saturday nights with Mike V at Savannah Grille from 6-10 p.m. 

On Wednesday nights with Matt Wallace (drums), Mike V (piano) and Ed Doney (saxophone) at Captain Ron's in Sunrise Beach from 6-9 p.m.

She is also the accompanist for the Kent Memorial Lutheran Church in Sunrise Beach, an accompany for the Greater Lake Area Chorale.

For a complete schedule, upcoming events and more information, go to www.kathleenmarcomusic.com.