Coach: Broc Silvers

Looking Back at
Season Record: 2-8 Overall Record, 1-6 District
At Home: 1-3
On the Road: 1-5
PF: 151 PA: 360

The Versailles Tigers are tired of being the team everyone overlooks. They are tired of being the joke of the conference, the team that gets walked over.
They're tired of listening to all of the critics. This season, new changes might just give the team the edge they need to finally put a stop to all of the talk.
Ranked number 8 in the Tri-County Conference by, the Tigers have a chip on their shoulder. They have a goal for this season.
"We're going to prove them wrong," senior Dodge Anderson said. "It doesn't break our stride."
"It just gives you motivation," senior Evan Lewis said. "We'll just let our playing do the talking for us."
With a new coaching staff in place, the team is in high spirits in practice. They know they have a chance.
After a 2-8 season in 2012, just about anything could be an improvement. But they're not ready to settle.
It's a brand new day, a brand new season for the Versailles Tigers. With a newly-anointed head football coach in Broc Silvers, the former defensive coordinator of the Eldon Mustangs, it's all new. But the team has adjusted quickly, and is enjoying the changes.
"It's a whole new system," senior offensive lineman Sam McGowan said. ""But we're all willing to work hard to get where we want to be."
The Tigers have once again started the process of trying to rebuild a team, and with a lot of youth on the roster, not just in their coaching staff, it will be a fresh start for everyone, and after coming off of a two win season in 2012, some might say was needed.
"We've just been trying to make sure that we know all of the plays," Coach Silvers said. "We've got the scheme in place, and now we have to work on the small things. A lot of the time, you start with the small things, but we had such a big task here, so we went in reverse order to get our kids into it. We're no focusing on the fine-tuning."
Playing in a district with the Osage Indians, the Blair Oaks Falcons and the district champion Eldon Mustangs, the Tigers have a tough road ahead of them.
Luckily, they have some talent of their own, with a stellar squad of workhorses in the running back corral.
Johnathan Cunningham will take the lead at tailback, with Dodge Anderson at fullback. Evan Lewis' sure hands will provide a solid option at tight end, while Kyler Turpin will take the field as a split back.
Michael Allen will again lead the team at quarterback.
"This is a town that has a strong football tradition," Silvers said. "We just have to restore that, and work our way to that state championship."